Board practices; checking the pit??

I’m not generally a ‘flamer’, complainer, or someone who enjoys reading same, so I don’t hang out much in the Pit. However, when someone suggested that I check out pittings of a particular poster, I noticed that he (using the masculine for the sake of convenience,) was being enthusiastically mocked in a later pit thread for neglecting to show up the first time he was pitted.

I don’t really expect to get pitted anytime soon, but I know that I can get on people’s nerves sometimes. So I guess my question is, is there an expectation that everyone should be checking the pit regularly to see if they’ve been called out by someone else, and if so, what’s an appropriate frequency for making such checks??

On a side note, when I searched the pit for my username, the only reference I could find was well before I joined the board, and I couldn’t exactly see who was being replied to… [checks the pit again.] Ohh, whoops, I totally misunderstood. the OP wasn’t calling someone else on the thread chrisk, but using it as a name to refer to her son by. That’s… actually kinda cool!!

Okay, self-hijack over. Any answers on the pit check thing??

Accepted practice is to post a link to the Pit thread in the thread that prompted the Pitting. Otherwise, how would you know if you don’t hang out there? I wouldn’t worry about it - if someone wants to Pit you, they can go to the trouble of drawing your attention to it.

The generally accepted protocol for someone who wishes to Pit you is to post a link to the pitting in a thread in which you are both participating with an “invitation” for you to participate in that thread.

On the other hand, regardless how it frustrates some people to have their invective ignored by their target, there is no corresponding requirement for you to actually read the Pit thread, much less respond to it. (Depending on the circumstances, it can be a good idea to discover what all the hoopla is about. It can (sometimes) be a way to clear the air over a specific habit or statement. It can also be humorous if the person doing the Pitting is then piled on by numerous posters defending the target or just abusing the Pitter.) However, there is no requirement to go read insults directed toward you.