Board Workings

Why does it say that my last used device is in “Upper Marlboro, MD” when I live and work in greater Chicagoland?

Was it a mobile device? Geolocation is notoriously inaccurate for mobile devices.

Also, in general, some IP addresses are resolved more accurately than others. For example, geolocation sites tend to get my home location correct, but they are usually pretty far off (like 100 miles or so) for my work IP address. When I look at IPs for users, I use a site that gathers geolocation data from several different sources. While on average they tend to agree, it’s not uncommon for the different services to give vastly different locations.

I don’t know which service Discourse uses.


For what it’s worth, when I looked up your IP on Discourse, it says Upper Marlboro, MD. When I try other sites, you are listed as Nashville Tennessee, Chicago, Illinois, New York City, and “unavailable”. All of them seem to correctly identify your internet provider, or at least they all agree on who it is (so either they are all correct or all wrong).

It is my office desktop, but I am inside a Local Area Network. Maybe that has an effect?

Chicago suburbs, so which ever one says “Chicago”, that’s pretty close.

I am in Michigan but my companies servers are in Tennessee. My company laptop thinks I am in Tennessee and I keep getting google ads for places down in Tennessee. Pretty sure this board thinks I am in Tennessee as well when I use my company laptop.