Boardwalk Empire 10/7/12 "Blue Bell Boy"

Let’s discuss.

That whole thing with Rowland Smith was weird and sort of jarring. A lot of time spent on that storyline for it to come to the conclusion it came to. Yes, we see Nucky is a cold motherfucker but did we need 20 mins to show it? Interesting juxtaposition with him being the cold asshole and Capone ending up being sweet.

Is anyone going to believe Eli when he tells of his attempted heroics?

I believe Mickey Doyle is going to be in a shit ton of trouble with Nucky. Eli may get his job.

I have a tiny nit to pick, Owen refers to “back in Ulster”, I could be wrong but I doubt it’s something a man of his background would have said at that time. It was only a tiny detail yet it took me out of the episode.

Mickey is starting to believe his own hype. After that clusterfuck, he’s in for a rude awakening at Nucky’s hand.

My favorite character on the show continues to be Rothstein. I love how the actor, Michael Stuhlbarg, never even has to raise his voice to be menacing. He was smiling the whole time he was issuing barely-veiled threats about what would happen if he didn’t get the liquor he paid for. The coolest customer around.

How Mickey has managed to survive this long is one of this show’s great mysteries.

I wonder how many of Nucky’s men were killed in that disaster? Seems like it could put quite a dent in his crew.

Regarding the Rosetti character’s over-the-top reactions to any “personal” indiscretion as questioned in another thread, it seems to me the writers are drawing a distinction between those who have a penchant for flamboyant displays of uber-violence (Rosetti, Capone, etc.) and those who might not have the stomach for it. Not saying it’s an Italian vs. Jewish/Irish thing (Manny Horvitz was the butcher, after all, and Jimmy did throw Mickey over a railing) but there’s a reason why the Italian mobsters rose to power around this time.

It was tedious, nothing important happened while they spent the night in the cellar. They did reinforce the idea that Smith was a liar, maintaining lies throughout the episode, and indicating his intent to lie to Nucky in the future. And early on he revealed that he knew he was stealing from Nucky. No way Nucky would let him live.

Yeah, Al’s a real fairy princess.

What heroics? He failed. Now Nucky has to figure out what to do with him. He’s lost a lot of guys, he’ll have to do something for the families, and he’ll have to wonder if Eli was involved somehow.

I don’t see how he could blame Eli - Mickey acted on his own against Nucky’s direction right? He took the road that Nucky told him to avoid. Eli tried to stop them (although he may not be able to prove it) but at least did not accompany them on what he knew was against Nucky’s wishes.

I’m getting sick of not seeing enough Richard.

The guy’s only got half of a face…you’re always gonna fall short. :smiley:

:smiley: If I’d been drinking anything, it would’ve gone everywhere reading that!