boaty dopers: why the low transom in small sailing dinghies?

I’ve noticed that many small sailing dinghies have a transom that is much lower than the gunwale.

Here’s a random example:

Is there a reason for this design? Seems like the boat is at risk of taking on water unless moving forward.

Racing boats like to reduce weight any way they can, they are easier to board, and the open transom is self-bailing like a motherfucker.

It looks like those are built like this type of kayak where the “interior” isnt even a buoyant area, but is sealed off.

It’s for self bailing purposes in high performance boats. The feature is sometime preserved in day sailers for youth as they find it easier to climb aboard after they capsize.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. I have seen in most in small training boats.

These would be the unsinkable type of sailing dighy, i.e. with positive buoyancy even when filled with water, by virtue of the hull being a sealed hollow body.

Not just for racing, the Hunter 170 and Hunter 18 are not set up for high performance but have the “sugar scoop” stern as well. It’s very helpful for beach launching and on the water reentry.