Bob Barker's Microphone

Now that I think about it, most other on air personalities use a clip on mic - but Bob Barker (from The Price is Right) still uses a hand mic. This in itself is somewhat unual, compared to his comtemporaries, but waht is more unsual is the microphone he uses.

Its a long thin model, that at first thought, seems a little old fasioned, but if you think about it, isnt even that - I cant recall anyone else using that style mic.

Is that a model you can even buy? if not, does he have them specially made? Why does he favor these?

I think when he’s done using it on-air, it’s a handy tool for spaying and neutering any pets he comes across. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought I was the only one who noticed the oddity of Bob’s skinny telescoping microphone. I hope when he retires they display it in the Smithsonian.

To address the other portion of your question—the microphone is a Sony ECM-51 telescoping microphone.

Bob Barker is 167 years old? Really?

I’d bet my left lung that this is a given.

WAG, but I think that he uses the long, skinny model of microphone so that he can get it close to the contenstant’s faces without having his hand block the shot for the television cameras.

My suspicion is that he’s been using corded mikes for so long that it just wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t, putting any technical issues aside.

I think Gene Rayburn on Match Game used the same microphone.

See here.

So I’m the only one having a hard time refraining from making a blow-job joke here?

Okay. Just checking.

Other than Bob not liking wireless mics, that particular model is his “green umbrella” - it’s a prop that defines his character. He could switch to a different mic, but then, he’d be someone else - just wouldn’t be the same Bob Barker.

twickster, please feel free to go right ahead to make whatever blow-job jokes you wish. Oh, wait, this isn’t my thread.

I think db4530 has hit the nail on the head here. Does any other gameshow host need to approach and converse with contestants? More specifically, contestants that have just been yanked out of a pool of hundreds and who aren’t miked? Bob needs that mike!

Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Court TV type-shows - they’re at a podium with a mike, or there are only three of them, so they’re already miked up.

I think this is the real reason. That, and because he enjoys the many blow-job jokes that are made about him using the mike.

I thought about that. But if you ever watched your local news, you’d realize that a field reporter interviewing the ‘man on the street’ is in a similar position, but I have never seen one use a Barker-style mic.

I’m willing to go for the green umbrella thing - I was just hoping for some additional info…

The same sort of question is asked to The Price Is Right staff three times here on the CBS website. They don’t really add anything that hasn’t already been posted.

Because this is an expensive microphone. And not designed for rough, outdoor use.

Your local news is not about to spend over $600 on a mike that is likely to be dropped & broken by clumsy junior reporters.

It’s a little known fact that his microphone is actually a vibrator- the original Hitachi Magic Wand prototype, to be exact. The unique angle at the top functions both as a g-spot stimulator for the ladies and a prostate stimulator for the gents. Sheer genius. During the shows he utilizes its “theraputic massage” to get the contestants rosy cheeked and twitterpated.

According to Wikipedia, Bob Barker’s current microphone is rigged together:


Thanks, Astro. Thanks a lot.

Now I have that damned tune they’d play while waiting for the “celebrities” to write their answers down stuck in my head…

Gwownt…do do do do do do do…Gwownt…do do do do do do do…