Bob Brozman has passed away - RIP

According to this article, the family of slide guitarist and ukelele player Bob Brozman. There is a fuller obituary article at this link.

This man was a monster player, a great educator, a walking encylopaedia of blues…

Just one quick sample of his stuff on YouTube - there’s lots more to be found.

Rest In Peace, Bob.

Well, okay, here’s one more.

What a terrible and unexpected tragedy.

A brilliant artist, he was as great a teacher as he was a musician.

And always humble and down to earth. Truly sad.

The group I saw at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley tonight dedicated a number to him. The band members seemed truly shocked and saddened that Bob is gone.

Bob Brozman appeared to have an internal clock that ran several times faster than most people’s, which allowed him to do amazing things on stringed instruments. I heard him once at a concert describe himself as a “rhythm guy.” Polyrhythms fascinated him.

So far there’s nothing in the news indicating a cause of death. No one I spoke to at the Freight had any idea what might have happened to him. Usually the members of the local folk community know when one of them is ill.

Time to break out my Devil’s Slide CD. . .

I hadn’t heard this - thank you for this thread. Yeah, a real talent and influence.

I have several Sweet Hollywaiians CDs and they’re honoring him on their Facebook page today. I was shocked.

And one more video, Bob having fun and showboating just a tiny little bit :smiley: with “Highway 49 Blues.” I saw him perform in a small L.A. basement in the 90’s - - the best concert I’ve ever attended. He was an amazing virtuoso, and IMO the greatest guitarist most people had never heard of.

I saw a mention on another message board that he appeared to have been in poor health for a year or so.

A proper obituary tribute with a sad detail:

One last entry, from a Facebook Tribute: Bob and his wife in Japan, four days before his death. He looks exhausted.

I hesitate to even post this, but the story has taken a very ugly turn.
Terrible allegations have been made in the comments section following the linked news story.

Bear in mind that anyone can say any damn thing they please on the web, and there has been no outside corroboration from official sources. However, although we hoped it’s a vicious trolling, the identity of the person making the claims has apparently been confirmed.
Sad is hardly the word.

Good lord.

Oh no. Is there anything documented proving abuse of children? David Lindley the respected player and friend pf Bob’s appears to post in the comments saying he saw nothing in the 40 years he knew Brozman.

This is terrible.

David Lindley’s post was very hard to disregard.

I sure hope the allegations are false, but it doesn’t feel good.