Bob Dole is 97

I like elder statesmen that didn’t endorse narcissistic sociopaths. He was a decent guy, but you can’t love Donald and the Constitution, you must love one and hate the other. He made the wrong choice.

I wonder how mentally with it Dole has been the last few years to support someone like Trump who not only trampled over decency but basic long-held Republican orthodoxy on things like trade.

I wonder the same about 70 million other people.

At his age, chances are he did, at least in his earlier years. He’s also a survivor of prostate cancer, which in time led to his endorsement of Viagra, which he and Libby both have said he did use. :slight_smile:

Jimmy Carter. He was at the naval academy during the war, so he didn’t see combat, but still counts as a WWII vet.

Also John Warner (Navy petty officer in WWII, Naval officer in the Korean War, Secretary of the Navy under Nixon, and five terms as US Senator from Virginia).

I just heard on CNN that Joe Biden paid Mr. Dole a visit.

I was glancing through this list of living former members of the Cabinet:

and was thinking W. Michael Blumental might qualify (Carter’s Secretary of the Treasury) and it turned out he was a Jewish refugee from the Holocaust and spent the war years in the Shanghai Ghetto (for Jewish refugees). I found this early history quite surprising for the rich CEO of Bendix Corporation.

Give the circumstances one can only hope that the previous poster’s board name is not an omen.

Meh, I certainly wouldn’t ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bob Dole is 97

…and I’m Chevy Chase…

Back in 1996 I bought myself a button that read

“Dole IS 96.”

I probably still have it around somewhere. Missed my opportunity by THAT much!

There was a large Jewish population in Shanghai starting in the 30s. A friend of mine was born in Shanghai, because her parents escaped Germany and settled there. The artist Peter Max also grew up in the Shanghai ghetto.

So did Laurence Tribe (well, at least in Shanghai).