Bob Dylan and Gimli

anybody else ever think that “Shelter from the storm” was sung by Gimli in tribute to Galadriel?

(originally posted in the Dylan thread, which promptly killed it)

lyrics here: Shelter from the storm

… the “crown of thorns” and “gambled for my clothes” lines sound more Messianic to me. Jesus singing to Mary Magdalene, maybe.


Actually, I think it’s Gollum singing for Shelob.

I didn’t say my thought was rational, quasi!

I never thought of the Shelob angle, Bob. could be, tho. Guys always get sappy over their first girlfriend.

On the contary. I find you to be very rational, Qad. :smiley:

And I wanted to add, that yes, certain parts of the song could have been from Gimli sung to Galadriel, and wouldn’t it have been cool if ol’ Bob D. had intended it that way?


I think the halfing’s leaf has clouded your minds. :stuck_out_tongue: