Bob Dylan sings about George W. Bush

I ain’t gonna work on Georgie’s Farm no more.

No, I ain’t gonna work on Georgie’s Farm no more.

He talks to all the country about man and God and law.
Everybody says he’s got less brains than his pa.
And the National Guard stands around La Dawr.

No, I ain’t gonna work on Georgie’s Farm no more.

I dont understand this reference

Can you enlighten me?

Should have been Ad Dawr, the city where Saddam Hussein was captured.

I always though that Bob Dylan was brilliant to write Maggie’s Farm in 1965 - 14 years before Margaret Thatcher was elected. Talk about prescience!

Nice to see Bobby pissed about something again.

Has the rest of my mind vacated the premises,or did I see Dylan in some kind of commercial for,yes that’s right,…Victoria’s Secret? I just caught a fleeting glimpse of it,and haven’t seen it since.

Yeah, U2 used to cover this in the 80s with some Thatcher voice overs. It was really good.

And ‘Maggie’s Farm’ may be the greatest Dylan ever did.

“He had you a nickel
He charge you a dime
You need a credit card
If you want a good time”

It’s one of the alternate verses. I’m not sure Dylan ever recorded it.

They said his pa was weak.
Now we’re buried in Iraq.
Everyone still talks about
how they were awed and shocked.
But me, I expected it to happen.
I knew he’d lost control
when he took the English language
and shot it full of holes.
O-o-oh, Condi, can this really be the end?
To be stuck inside of Baghdad
with the Dubya blues again.

Anybody else think Dylan looked like a feeble, pathetic, dirty old voyeur in that Victoria’s Secret ad? I mean, that geezer is old enough to be the models’ grandfather! I bet the models couldn’t run far enough or fast enough as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

Are the lyrics in the OP an actual new song from Dylan, or just a parody?

Just goofing.