Bob Newhart Show Opening Credits

When Bob is walking through Chicago during the opening credits, how “plausible” is his itinerary? I don’t know Chicago very well so I don’t know, but is it all “artsy” shots of walkways that nobody would use, or way out of order (ie. one side of the river, then the other side, then the other side…etc.). Just curious since I bought the new “complete first season” on DVD and really enjoy the opening credits, especially how it changes based on whether the show begins at the office or at the apartment. The music is good too!

Cheers, Powers

Wow, I have to really think back. So take with a grain of salt…

The apartment shots were buildings on North Lake Shore Drive, and his office building was downtown, I think on the river. I want to say the office was on the Loop side of the river, and he crossed the bridge from north to south, which is correct. I don’t remember the walkways but if they were along the river that’s a very popular area.

Now I want to go change my Netflix queue.

Funny you should mention it,
I just heard Newhart recently commenting on the fact that he often get’s people still to this day telling him how his itinerary is not plausible.