Bob Ross video game!

No doubt due to popular demand, a Bob Ross video game is being developed.

I can’t stop laughing. What, exactly, would one do in a Bob Ross video game? My mind can’t reconcile the concepts of “video game” and “paint the happy cloud.” I’m going to have to buy the darn game system just to find out.

Hmm. This could actually work, with the gyroscopic Revolution controller being used as a paintbrush.

Nintendo’s a lot sharper than they look, I’m deciding.

I can picture a mod being developed:

“Screw those happy trees, let’s paint some bobbies!”

Clearly it’s a Happiness Sim.

See, you’re given a blank canvas which represents your territory. Then you have to create and maintain a colony of happy little trees, which live there. In order to maintain an acceptable happiness level, the happy little trees need contact with other happy little creatures, such as happy little clouds and happy little bushes and happy little mountains.

Issues including overcrowding and other placement needs are included in the strategy portion of the game, and can negatively affect your happy little trees, turing them into unhappy little trees and ultimately into very angry little trees. This results in a reduced score and possibly the end of the game.

Bonus levels include the happy little fence, the happy little cabin, and the happy little bunny who lives on the happy little mountain by the happy little cabin with the happy little trees.


PS: For some reason at some point in the past, the name “Bob Ross” has become indelibly linked in my mind with the battle cry of an invading alien creature. Think the martians from Mars Attacks and how they’d just say “DAK! DAK-DAK! DAK!” over and over. Now replace that with the word “Bobross! Bobross!”. Yeah, I dunno either, but there it is, stuck in my head.

And the DS has a stylus. But what would you use in the PC version? A mouse?
The phrase “Bob Ross Nintendo game” is so bizarre. I can’t help but think of Mario with a huge Afro talking about happy little trees in his exaggerated Italian accent. “It’s a-me, Mario! We’s-a gonna paint a picture of a happy Koopa!”

Who was the little, old, German guy that was sort of the antithesis of Bob Ross? He was from the same school of technique but he wielded an “Almighty Brush!!!”. That guy would pop a vein and go powering into his painting Berzerker style. He was like a Dachshund on crack! SO Manic, “Ze brush issz Tor’s almighty flaming hammer and it vill Posess you with GREAT CREATIVE POWER. It issz your Vorld!!!”.

He should make an appearance in any Game, just to harsh your world after the Bob Ross quaalude.

This gizmo.

Your character’s amount of life points would be represented by a 'fro-shaped icon.

Yes, for there is nothing more titillating than a couple of well-rendered British constables.

If you inadvertently create an unhappy object, will it go stomping around your canvas beating hell out of your other creations?

Actually that sounds kind of fun.

William (Bill) Alexander (1915, East Prussia - 1997)
“After appearing on numerous U.S. public television shows (including “The Magic World of Oil Painting” and “The Art of Bill Alexander”), Alexander became known as the “Happy Painter”.”
“Television painter Bob Ross of “The Joy of Painting” was a disciple of Alexander.”

CMC fnord

The Joy of Painting With Bob Ross? No. NO! NO!

Remember to always paint a second cloud / tree / stone next to the first one so they can be friends / brothers.

Are you sure it isn’t the p0rn spoof “The Joy of PAIN with Bob Ross”?

Let’s have some un today…
Beat the devil out of it…
Remember, you are free to do ANYTHING you like…

I saw this story on and could have sworn it was an April Fools joke. But I can’t imagine the Bob Ross official site joking around with its dead master.


Is that thing for real?

To be serious for a moment, lest we all forget this classic. Life, so far, has not yet been greater than the fly swatting game for me.

As far as I know it is.

Well, some are boobies.
*&%$# cursed word processor corrector.

I could almost cry in utter awe. That is amazing to me.

I <3 technology. Always and foreverrrrrrr…

Bad news- AGFRAG has fragged the Bob Ross project. :frowning:

Good news, everyone! Bob Ross, Inc. has stated there will be a Bob Ross game under a new developer.