Bob Seger ~ Night Moves lyrics dispute

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Most lyrics sites say the song starts:

I was a little too tall
Could’ve used a few pounds
Tight pants points hardly renown

It’s not uncommon for lyrics sites to copy one another and propagate incorrect lyrics.

I don’t believe it’s Tight pants points hardly renown. That doesn’t make much sense. Listen to the YouTube videos above before clicking spoiler and tell me what you hear. I hear this:

Tight pants points hollerin’ out

There’s a few sites on the internet talking about the lyrics saying that his “points” refer to pointy shoes worn back in the day. I believe since that comes right after talking about his wearing tight pants, it refers to his three piece set showing through, especially since her points are also of a sexual nature.

Your thoughts?

I agree with your interpretation.

That’s the way I’ve always heard it.

For what it’s worth, the sheet music says “hardly reknown”. Those things aren’t always right, but it is a good indication.

Edited to clarify: yes, it includes the “k”. I dunno, that’s just what it says, “hardly reknown”.

What do you mean by “the” sheet music? Official sheet music or just something found on the internet? I found sheet music for the song on the internet without the “k.”

Based on the lyrics in his other songs, “Hardly renown” sounds more like something Bob Seager would write than “hollerin’ out”.

However, the lyric a little farther into the song about the dark haired girl “with points of her own, sitting way up high (way up firm and high)” would match better with “hollerin’ out”

Nah, I’m sticking with hardly renown.

And I got a chuckle out of this follow up.

I was talking about the original piano/vocal sheet music. A lot of those guitar tabs are published after the official p/v scores are published, so I tried to go straight to the source. But regardless of the “k” situation, it still means the lyric sites are probably correct.

Okay, I’ve changed my mind. I’m going with ‘hardly renowned’ now also. I’ve listened to a few more live versions on YouTube including a cover by The Killers. But I still think his points are poking through his pants, and since it’s a song of a young man’s summer romance, they weren’t very renowned. :slight_smile:

I always thought he was saying “tight pants, points, hardly renowned.” Wearing tight pants and points on his shoes and really nothing to write home about, whereas she was beautiful.

That sounds right. I’m a convert.

I’m pretty sure that the album (you know, vinyl thingy) includes lyrics for all of the songs, and it is “Tight pants points hardly reknown.” I’ll have to check when I get home, though.

Without a reference dating to the period, the above should be filed with the notion that The Beach Boys sing about a big slip differential.

I never would have known what he was saying. All these years I’ve thought the opening lines are:

*I’d love to talk, could use a few friends
Tight pans, points, hollering out

I guess, because of the Chevy, and him being from Detroit(?) and all, I thought he was referring to car parts - pans and points :smack: And maybeeeeee they were hollering out because of the rocking motion of the car while the couple were working on their “night moves”. Or something like that.

And points all her own, singing way up high
Way up fine and high

Thought he was literally referring to her singing, maybe to the car radio.

There aren’t enough :smack: :smack: :smack: s

I haven’t heard the song in a long time, though I always liked it, despite not having a clue what it’s about. Wait, that’s not true. It’s actually pretty evocative and though I haven’t always know the words, I think I very much get the scene and the feeling that is meant to be conveyed.

I love it when I discover an especially stupid mondegreen :stuck_out_tongue:

That simple fact never stopped countless people from getting Blinded By The Light wrong for 40 years.

And, if that IS the actual lyric, boy is it stupid. It’s not even good grammar.

Yes. I forgot to ask , wouldn’t it be “renowned” ? It flows about as well as ". . . the point is probably moot".

Eyes. Let’s pretend he was referring to her eyes.

I thought he was saying “Tight pants, points, how old are you now?”, but that doesn’t make any sense.

Neither does the “real” lyric.

I always assumed it was “hollering out.” If Bob Seger tells me it’s “Hardly renowned,” I’d say, “My wrong lyric is better than your correct one.”

I always figured the meaning was that he was a typical teen male with a 24 hour hard-on that showed through his tight jeans, while she had big boobs sticking out through her tight sweater.