Bobby Bowden is gonna retire...good riddance

It’s apparently official now. Story here.

Glad to see Joe Pa as the one holding the record. I never liked Bowden and always thought his programs were dirty.

I won’t believe it until the opening kickoff in the opening game of next year without him on the sidelines.

Now Paterno can retire, too. I always thought that those two were doing what they were doing for their own aggrandizement. They both wanted the wins record, Bowden had it, lost it, and wanted it back, and Paterno wanted it to be his legacy, so they both hung on many years after they should have hung it up over a record that will undoubtedly be broken eventually.

I got that vibe from Bowden, for the last decade he’s hardly done any coaching or recruiting to speak of and just coasted and cashed checks. Paterno still seems to be busting his ass day in and day out and doesn’t seem like a guy who knows how to do anything else.

I’m a Florida State alum, and I concur with everything you wrote here except from my viewpoint, Bowden has been a fucking anchor around FSU’s neck for at least 15 years, not just the last 10. When Charlie Ward graduated, Bobby just kinda quit caring except for getting that wins record.

I’ve been saying for 15 years that it’s time for Bowden to go, and now he’s finally going! WOOT! Go 'Noles!

…and take the Gators with you.

JoePa isn’t going to retire, ever. He famously said that once you retire, you die. Everybody with even a passing connection to Penn State is convinced that JoePa will leave the university in a box.

Fuck no! We don’t want any Gators or Hurricanes! And the Knights and the Bulls can just bugger off as well!

Bobby Bowden isn’t retiring. He’s leaving FSU to take over a recently vacant position up in South Bend.

Bowden said “once you retire, there ain’t but one big event left”. That was after FSU’s first title in '93.

No way, Jose! Paterno can’t leave unless his replacement can outdo this commercial.

Are these guys scared to retire just because Bear Bryant died shortly after he retired? Isn’t that kinda like not quitting smoking because you know a guy that died of lung cancer just after quitting smoking?

Bowden took a nowhere program and made a national contender. He did a hell of a job for them. FSU has no right to bitch about how he did it. Almost all programs built from nothing have to southbend the rules.

Speaking as a representative of FSU, I have to say I don’t think the beef is so much how he made them a national contender but the fact that he stopped doing so.

It really hasn’t been pleasant. FSU’s ridiculous streak of 14 straight top-5 finishes ended in 2000. My freshman year at FSU? 2001, of course.

Maybe. So did Tom Landry, btw. What scares them might be the howling void of a life without football - some of them literally have nothing else in their lives, and will even admit it.

UF graduated Doper, who was lucky enough to have been in school during Spurrier’s last few years and the beginning of UF dominance over our hated rivals, wishes Bobby well and hopes he finds a nice cushy job as a color commentator for college sports and gets a lifetime honorary membership in his golf club of choice.

Whatever my opinions may be about his school or his coaching career, Bowden spent a good chunk of his life doing something he loved and has an entire football program to show for it.

Happy trails, Bobby. Now you get to watch the Gators steamroll the Seminoles from the comfort of your own home instead of on the sidelines. :smiley:

Is 11 years considered shortly?

One of the writers said that that’s exactly it, in the case of Bowden. Bryant was Bowden’s idol…and, Bowden’s father also died shortly after retiring from his job.

For what’s it’s worth, a friend of mine was a Division I football coach. He said that from interactions with other coaches, Bowden was the nicest guy you could ever meet.