Bobby Fischer is being deported from Japan to US for 92' match in Yugoslavia.

Gah! I had a ridiculously long thread and the Fucking Spastic Hampsters ate it…so the abbreviated version here:

In a nutshell, the elusive Bobby Fischer was picked up in Japan for an outdated Passport, and is subsequently being deported from Japan to the US for breaking a federal law stating American citizens cannot conduct business in countries who have international sanctions against them. As Yugoslavia had sanctions and Bobby Fischer won 3 mill IIRC, from his rematch against Spassky he was in violation.
Though I doubt that was the reason he was so reclusive - if you know anything about Fischer there are much more entertaining things demonstrated by Fischer - and his hate for the US was certainly not kept under wraps by Fischer…

One of my gripes is as stated by Liberal here:

That is just one of them. Anyway for those of us who are or have been active in the chess realm…this is again ludicrous crap against Fischer, and certainly more fuel for his fire. My WAG is that when this is all over, we’ll most likely never see or hear from him again. Any of you chess fiends - and I know some of you were rated at one point or another - or just anyone following this - what say you? Hold nothing back…thats why we’re in the pit! :slight_smile:

Bobby Fischer is a brillant chess player who is also profoundly and severly disturbed. His rabid Anti-Semitism, his paranoia, and bizarre behavior makes me wish he’d stay a recluse. However, that doesn’t change the fact he’s probably going to be deported back to the United States and have to face the charges against him. Which is for the best.

Wait, I’m confused, I thought his title was taken away after herefused to defend it. Or is that what you were saying? Please clarify.

For background reference, please see this post:

You prentious, scheming, worthless gnats on a camel’s ass. We now are left to compare his noble act of civil disobedience with your myopic, petty, and thickheaded delusion that you have been assigned by God Himself to run everybody’s fucking life. You fucking fuck-headed fucked up fuck-fuckers. Fuck you! Fuck you with a Klingon filing rasp, you insidious, plebeian, self-righteous hacks. Oh, and fuck you.

FIDE had no authority to take titles away. Titles must be earned or lost in match play. The Soviet Chess Federation revved up its 600 pound gorrila act and scared the hell out of FIDE officials. It threatened to withdraw from FIDE if it granted Fischer’s very reasonable requests. Fischer would have played, but the Soviets wanted it rigged toward Karpov’s advantage. Fischer would have none of it, and the spineless USCF said nothing.

:eek: :frowning: Jeez Lib - I didn’t mean to rev you up like that…I mean, I know I said hold nothing back…but I was talking about you when refering to those of us who are or had been rated at one point…Or are you talking about Bobby?

:smack: - Errr…I meant - <snip> or did you mean those writing about Bob?<snip>

Oh, for the love of…

Yugoslavia was not an enemy of the United States of America. There was NO declaration of war against Yugoslavia. None. Blustering about ethnic cleansing and dropping a lot of bombs in the general vicinity does not constitute a formal declaration of war. Making a nation an enemy requires actually making the damn nation an enemy; haphazardly mincing your way into someone else’s conflict does not automatically make one of the nations involved an enemy.

As there was no declaration of war, even if Bobby Fischer somehow benefitted the Serbs militarily (and I’ve seen zippo evidence of this), he did not provide aid and comfort to an enemy. Therefore, there are NO grounds for treason (and yes, I’ve actually seen this argued…Time Magazine, IIRC).

Now, if there really is a federal law on the books prohibiting business against sanctioned countries, certainly he can be tried by our governement. It could be a difficult case, inasmuch as a chess tournament isn’t really “business”, per se, but they’re certainly free to bring it to court. But I will not brook any crap about him being treasonous or unAmerican simply because Bill Clinton blathered about preventing the next Holocaust and we bombed a bunch of places the Serbs might’ve been, maybe. Let’s just kill that sick puppy here and now.

So, anyone know the particulars of the case yet?

No they didn’t. Fischer wanted it rigged toward his advantage, by changing the existing rules to require Karpov to win 10 games against him, while holding on to the title if he had won 9 games against Karpov.

At the risk of causing Lilb’s head to explode, I’d like to point some things out to him.

  1. Noble Act of Civil Disobedience? Take your hero worship glasses off and wake the fuck up you knob. Bobby Fischer gave a shit about exactly one thing in the world. Bobby Fischer. The sanctions were in place by the United Nations, because, if you remember, the Serbs were busy ethnically cleansing the Muslims and the Bosnians. You know, raping women, killing men, death camps, mass graves. Minor stuff like that. Bobby Fischer, knowing full well about the order, decided to spit on the order and take the money and run. And you have the temerity to call that Civil Disobedience? Get your fucking head out of Bobby Fischer’s ass long enough to breathe next time.

  2. Sob, Sob, Cry, Cry. Poor FIDE took poor Bobby’s crown away. Big fucking deal. Bobby hadn’t played a fucking tournament game for 3 fucking years. They’re supposed to sit around and wait while Bobby plays with himself and his fucking nutso cult before they can crown a new champion? Bullshit. He wants to be called the world champ, then fucking play somebody. Here’s why he didn’t want to play Karpov. You ready Lib. HE WAS AFRAID OF LOSING!!! Whine all you want about the Soviet’s taking over the chess world, etc. You don’t play, you can’t be world champion. That’s the way it is.

  3. Grow the fuck up. Bobby Fischer, while an genius at chess, is a maladjusted, egomanical brat who spreads hatred and lies whereever he goes. He should not be admired, he should be reviled.

Oh, and if anyone with half a brain is interested: Here is quite a good article on Bobby Fischer.

Certainly not you, Phlosphr. I like you. I was speaking to the rats ass bureaucrats and politicians who are going to put him in jail, put him on trial, or whatever the fuck they whim to do that day.

That’s not what happened. Fischer rightly argued that the FIDE rules, in effect since the 1949 Congress, penalized aggressive play and encouraged the champion to draw. The rule was that a match would be 24 games, and the first player to win 12.5 would be the champion. But in the event of a 12-12 tie, the champion would retain his title. Fischer said that the old rule was not good for chess, and wanted a system whereby the number of games was unlimited, with the first player to score 10 wins taking the championship, and with draws counting for nothing. But in the event of a 9-9 tie, the champion would retain the title. The Soviets pitched a hissy fit over this because Karpov was a weaney style player who took draws to escape his nervous tension. Tie went to the champion in either scheme, but Fischer’s was more interesting and settled the matter more quickly.

The United Nations? Oh, well. Sorry. I didn’t know. Well, I am the High Holy Mullah of the Federation of Planets, and I hereby nullify the ruling of the United Fucking Nations.

That is a damnable assertion, and you know it.

He IS reviled. By hoodlums who call themselves governors.

At least you targeted your audience correctly. What a slimy piece of shit-slinging.

Yep - From the article:

World Jewry, Evil empires, Bekins storage units…Heh…Uh Huh…and Fischer was a Heinrich Himmler Lebensborn protocal child as well. Let’s not forget that! :rolleyes:

Well, at least now we know you are delusional as Fischer, dumbfuck.

UUUUhhhhh… OK… Wow, got me there.

No. He’s reviled by people who think that an asshole who goes around celebrating 9/11, preaching racial hatred, and says brain-dead crap like: “Ultimately the white man should leave the United States and the black people should go back to Africa,” he said. “The white people should go back to Europe, and the country should be returned to the American Indians. This is the future I would like to see for the so-called United States.” I’ll give you a bit of hint, here, Lib. You’re backing the wrong horse.

Yeah from that noted bastion of celebrity gossip, The Atlantic.

You’re pretty good at these complete non-sequiter, brainless responses, but you have not shown one iota of evidence that anything in the article is incorrect. But hey, who needs facts when you have one line retorts of little to no substance. Of course, that just may be why they made you the High Holy Mullah of the Federation of Planets.

And having failed to effect a change in the already established rules, Fischer still could have played the match. He had played the match that had won him the title under the old rules, after all, but he chose to forfeit instead of playing.

Fischer probably was the greatest chess player ever. He also is egotistical, self-centered, paranoid, and a jerk. The one doesn’t affect the other.

Throw the book at him.

The guy praised the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, saying America should be “wiped out”. :eek:

The guy describes Jews as “thieving, lying bastards.” His mother was Jewish for crying out loud! :eek:

The guy may have been the best American chess player of all-time, but who cares. Besides, Kasparov, Anand, and Krammnik are better than he ever was anyway.

Screw Bobby Fischer!

. Fischer said that the old rule was not good for chess, and wanted a system […]QUOTE]
So, by your own admission, Fisher wanted the rules being changed.

The “very reasonnable” request being to change the rules of the world championship to accomodate him.

I would too consider withdrawing from a contest if the organizers decided to change the rules according to my opponent wishes.

Err…Nope. From what you said, they wanted to keep the rules as they were. ** Fisher ** wanted the rules to be changed for ** Fisher’s ** advantage.

And the Soviet federation was willing to play too as long as the rules weren’t changed. Why is them refusing to play if the rules are changed evil and Fisher refusing to play if the rules aren’t changed fine and dandy?

Most of the musings I’ve heard in Japan recently is that there’s a connection with the Sgt. Jenkins case. Not between Fischer and Jenks themselves, but Japan suddenly sweeping into action to arrest Fishcer and hand him over after shuffling their feet on Jenkins for so long and asking the US to reconsider. It looks kind of like this was meant to be a diplomatic trade-off of sorts.