Bobby Robson has died

England’s best manager since the '66 Cup has died aged 76.

The former player and manager of some of the best clubs in Europe passed away following his battle with cancer.

He will be missed. :frowning:

That’s sad :frowning:

His achievements in 1990 were outstanding. I’m one who never believes the hype around an England World Cup campaign. Too many journalists write as if England’s place at the top table is due to some natural law, and it’s not. That campaign, he found a way to make the hype a reality.

Very sad. I was shocked at the pictures of him for the ‘BR Trophy’ match on a week or so ago. At least he got a decent send off.

He was a great man, not just for football but English sport as a whole. He will be missed. I hope they give him a moments applause at the Charity Shield match at Wembley on the 9th, as opposed to a moments silence. I’ll be standing up in my living room joining them.

An honourable man in an often dishonourable sport.