Body Cam footage - the realities of being a cop working alone.

I’m very glad that police forces are implementing body cams. Both for the protection of the public and also to document the realities of being a cop in an unsafe world.

Some body cam footage has come out showing cops using excessive force or acting unprofessionally. That footage will be useful in correcting and punishing the people responsible.The public can use it for civil suits too. Body cam footage will make policing more professional by clearly documenting their interaction with the public. It can also vindicate good cops that did nothing wrong.

This body cam footage shows how quickly a routine stop can get violent in just a second or two. Seeing that crazy dude and his big 8 inch knife is chilling. Bullets won’t necessarily stop a guy running at you like that. He could have still gotten in some deadly knife slashes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this footage is used at the police training academy. That guy went from cooperative to suicidal in a heartbeat. I’m impressed he was taken into custody alive.