Body characteristics you are grateful for....

I’m grateful for Courtney Thorne-Smith’s body characteristics… even if I can only view them through a TV set.

Hmm… let’s see:

  • I heal extraordinarily quickly. Not quite like a ring of regeneration, but close.

  • I don’t scar easily. I had a rather nasty 2nd degree burn on my forearm two summers ago, about the size of three silver dollars, and now you can barely see a mark.

  • I don’t bruise easily. If I have a bruise, it’s because I really got thumped. Hard.

  • I move my bowels like clockwork every morning. Unless I’m travelling.

  • I can sleep anywhere, through anything. (I slept through my roommate getting arrested when in college. I’ve slept thru 6-point-something quakes. Lest you think it’s not an evolutionary advantage… I’ve awoken from a deep sleep to the sound of someone turning the back door knob.)

  • I’ve received appreciative reactions from every woman I’ve slept with, not to mention return invitations.

  • I knocked up my new wife on the very first week we stopped using birth control methods: our honeymoon.

I’m grateful for my naturally curly hair and blue eyes. They make me the spitting image of my paternal grandmother, who died before my parents met. Having her features makes me feel like I have some connection to her despite having never met her.

While having an unusually heavy bone structure barred me from getting that far in ballet training, it makes me basically built like a Mack truck. I got thrown into a mosh pit in an asphalt parking lot once, and came out of it with nothing but a scar on my left palm.

Boy, this is going to be tough, considering all the wonderful attributes the rest of you have, but it’s always a good thing to find stuff to be happy about.

I have never experienced motion sickness. I think this is due to having a terrible sense of balance. The flip side is I’m a klutz and fall down easily.

I have great hearing. When I was teaching school, the kids in the back couldn’t get away with anything.

I have a pretty good brain between my ears, if I do say so myself. I’m logical. High verbal scores and can read both quickly and with good retention and understanding when I have to.

The other list is so much easier… but…
[li]I’m not allergic to anything - averse, yes. But really, I have yet to eat anything that made me physically (rather than psychologically) ill.[/li][li]I’ve never gotten motion sickness, ever.[/li][li]Also great balance, generally[/li][li]my coloring (skin and hair) is awesome.[/li][li]Though I’m entirely without eye-hand coordination, I’ve got great manual dexterity. My fine motor skills have never been a problem.[/li][li]So far, my body has taken everything I’ve ever thrown at it with very few problems (including two marathons, numerous triathlons, and hopefully next year an ironman)[/li][li]I’m fairly flexible for someone who doesn’t work at it.[/li][li]I don’t have cellulite (and looking at my mother, might not ever really have a problem with it)[/li][li]I can pass for 5 years younger easily, probably for 8 (but I have no desire to be that young). I’m beginning to appreciate that more, especially when I see people try to flatter my mom by telling her she looks to be in her 30s. (yeah, right. I’m in my 30s.) but if she claimed to be 15 years younger than she is - it’d be totally believable.[/li][li]I can still dance.[/li][/ul]

My favourite parts of me:

my naturally red hair
my curves
my blue eyes
my relatively strong health

My list of trade-offs:

Con: my skin is oily and acne-prone; Pro: oily skin seems not to age very quickly.
Con: my tummy always clenches in bad situations; Pro: my gut feelings are infallible.
Con: I am short; Pro: I have a low centre of gravity.

A superb complexion - and I gave it to my daughter :slight_smile:

Great smile and pretty white, even teeth

Eyebrows with a perfect natural arch

A good gut - hmmm are you going to eat your jalapenos?

Tall with long legs - love it now; hated it in elementary school


Speaking of legs - wow -my husband’s - and he gave them to our daughter - God was good to her :wink:

Bugs the devil out of me - one earlobe is considerably larger than the other and I love earrings - bummer!
This was a fun exercise!

Does this mean we are shallow? :dubious:

I also don’t get motion sickness.
I have no allergies.
I have never broken a bone, although I’ve weighed > 300 pounds for a long time and have fallen out of trees and off bikes and been hit by cars. I suppose that my bones are just very thick.
I’m fairly strong, and I always have been – I could leg press > 900 lbs when I was only 15.
I have good skin, usually. Right now is an exception, resulting in that thing on my forehead in the picture below.
My hair is a good color for my skin tone.
I have well-shaped ears and eyebrows – the latter point up toward the middle
I can go for hours without eating or needing the bathroom.
I can go for a day or two without sleep and still function well.
I’m one of the four or five people on Earth who can pull off a bright orange shirt.
I’m told by many that I have beautiful eyes, but I don’t see it.

God, I sound like a self-important jackass, don’t I?

What a cool thread! :slight_smile:

I am grateful that:

[li]I have never broken a bone, had surgery (other than having my wisdom teeth removed), or been hospitalized.[/li][li]I have no allergies. To anything. Though I tell people that I’m allergic to tomatoes, because otherwise when they make my sandwich wrong they’ll just try to take the tomatoes off and by then it’s too late because the pulp gets into the bread and I really can’t stand the taste.[/li][li]I don’t get sick very often: if I have two colds in a year, it’s a bad year.[/li][li]While I am overweight, the weight is evenly distributed. I’d rather be overweight all over than only look ‘normal’ from the waist up/down (or have a hugely disproportionate ass, etc.). I also appear to weigh less than I actually do.[/li][li]I look younger than I am. Sometimes people think I’m as much as 10 years younger than I am – and the other weekend one lady though I was 14 years younger! :rolleyes: It can be annoying, because I often get treated differently in professional situations when people think I’m fresh outta college, but on the whole I think it’s pretty cool. And the older I get, the more I appreciate it. :wink: [/li][li]My bladder rocks. There are many days when I don’t see the inside of the office bathroom.[/li][li]I have brown hair and blue eyes. When I was a kid my hair was blonde (and I mean blonde), and as it got darker I always told my mom that I wanted to be blonde again. She said if I still felt that way at 16 we could talk about coloring my hair, but by the time I was that age I’d realized that the brown hair/blue eyes combo isn’t terribly common…and that my hair color suited my skin tone…and I have appreciated my coloring ever since. [/li][/ul]

I have really cool eyes that change from blue to green and they have gold flecks in them.

I have cute lips with a perfect bow in the middle

I have perfect teeth and have never had braces

(I can brag like this because I’m not at all happy with the complete package. These are the ONLY good parts!)

I rarely get sick, and I heal quickly from sickness or injury. After my first c-section, I was up like nothing had happened 8 hours later.

I’ve never broken a bone, or had a serious sprain. No stiches from accidents either.

I’m fairly tall for a woman (5’10") so I can reach all the shelves and am always retreiving things for my short friends.

Oh, and I can hold my pee FOREVER!! I usually only have to go to the bathroom every 6 or7 hours. Actually, my record is 36 hours while camping (I WILL NOT squat) but I was really sick then!!

First off, I hate you no-pee people! If I was a super hero, I would be Tiny Bladder Woman!
I am grateful for big (and still fairly perky) boobs, and a small butt.
Nice feet.
Long curly hair. I am also grateful that I can color it the brightest red on the shelf and not look like a circus clown.

Things about my body for which I am thankful:
[li]I am very flexible (as in I’m 35 and can still do the splits)[/li][li]I have a good sense of balance, great reflexes[/li][li]I have nice curves, a well defined hourglass figure[/li][li]I have an usual eye color sort of greenish-amber, not quite hazel[/li][li]I have a good complexion[/li][li]I tan easily and rarely burn[/li][li]I have an extemely high tolerence for pain[/li][/ul]

I have really cool eyes. They have a darker ring around the outside, and on the inside are a really light blue. I’ve had complete strangers compliment me on them!

I’m tall, 5’11", and I love it. (Thank you, Dad.)

I have relatively small feet for my height, size 9.

I have big boobs, and cannot ever go without a bra. And you know what, I like it!!! I thank my Mum frequently for blessing me with these! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reading this really makes me want to list all the things I hate about my body, but I refuse to do it! I actually feel pretty good about my self right now. This was a great idea!

While I’ve let myself go a bit in recent years I’m still very felxible and have good reflexes. People tell me I have nice eyes, but I can’t see them most of the time so I go by what other say. I don’t get sick very often (once in the last, uh… 6 years). Never get sick in cars or planes. This, however, is coupled with some very very strange ailments that have stumped more than half a dozen doctors. In a way I’m also proud of that, but it’s a morbid pride :slight_smile:

You have bladder rocks? That’s the first time I’ve heard that described as a good thing.

I have very big feet and some women still think that means something. It doesn’t.

I’m 41 and still have all of my hair and it’s thick.

Overall, not much to be proud of.

I have a very average sized body. Means I can buy clothes off the rack and they almost always fit perfectly!

[ul][li]I am strong, surefooted and flexible[/li][li]I have long, strong fingers and graceful hands[/li][li]My skin is soft and a beautiful nut brown[/li][li]My eyes are mysteriously colored and shaped and have been called “intriguing”[/li][li]I can dance, defend myself (martial arts) and build things[/li][li]My breasts have successfully nourished my children[/li]I have no major scars[/ul]

Chaulk me up as another who doesn’t get any kind of motion sickness.

Very straight teeth. never had any braces, retainers, etc…This is an espeicially amazing feat since I once lost a tooth at age 6 and the adult tooth never came back until I was almost 10. The other teeth did push in around the gap, but they all moved aside when the new one came in. I have very polite teeth. (Of course, I have had about 7 cavaties…but that was just because I never brushed as a kid.)

Pretty flexible for a guy with no gymnastics training. I can’t do a split, but I can put my legs behind my head. Also have good balance and overall dexterity (it’s at least a 16 :wink: .)

Normally pretty healthy. I usually don’t get sick, so when I do get sick, it usually makes up for the rest of the year. Since Christmas of 2002, when I had a 24 hour stomach virus, I wasn’t sick (except for 1-2 colds/year) until this year. I got the flu in January, then it came back in February/March along with pneumonia. So I should be good to go for another couple of years.

Not squimish in the least. I have a friend who cannot even witness a needle…not even a needle in use, if she sees a syringe w/ needle she freaks. I can watch full-blown open heart surgey on a vomiting corpse while eating my lunch. Hell, I remember last semester I performed surgey on a pig, even held it’s beating heart in my hand, and had pork chops that very night.

Not allergic to anything I’ve encountered as of yet.

High threshold for pain (pain don’t hurt.)