Body characteristics you are grateful for....

Although I have my days when the old corpus seems more a foe than a friend, I realise that I am pretty lucky in the bodily function department. In other words, more things work right than don’t. So I thought I would ask Dopers what aspects of their body and its processes that they are grateful for. For starters, three things I am grateful for:

  1. I don’t get any kind of motion sickness – not plane, train, boat, or automobile
  2. I have no food allergies, nor any particular food aversions.
  3. I have dry sneezes that don’t require Superfund teams to clean up afterwards.

What are you all grateful for?

I crap like twice a day every day.

I have good stamina.

  1. I have excellent balance, good reflexes, and I’m fairly flexible.
  2. No allergies that I’m aware of
  3. If I may put aside modesty for a minute, I’m a tall, dark & handsome guy. (Not God’s gift, as it were, but not bad either.)
  • I have a naturally lean body, like many asians.

-I have really kickass eyebrows. Easily my favorite part of my body.

-I can poo really really fast. Faster than most women pee.

-High pain tolerance due to dull nerves. A lot of times i don’t realize i’m bleeding until i get blood on my clothes.

  1. High pain tolerance, which came in handy during my years (and years) of dental work and oral surgery. (My teeth, however, are not one of my strengths.)
  2. Relatively static, healthy body weight. I have a really hard time gaining weight, and a fairly hard time losing weight. For the most part I weigh what I weigh. Fortunately, it’s a nice, average, healthy weight.
  3. A large-capacity bladder. It’s nice not having to go RIGHT NOW if I don’t want to.
  4. I can’t smell skunk. In fact, I ran over a skunk a week ago yesterday. My wife spent the rest of the (short) drive gagging; I spent the rest of the drive laughing at her.

I’m 34 and never had a cavity or broken bone or major surgery.

I’m a strong guy, 6’1" slouching with blond hair. I’ve been told many times I look like Robert Redford.

I don’t think thats all that bad.

I rarely get sick and I can eat anything I want without worrying about gaining weight. In fact, I have to work at maintaining a weight that looks healthy. I also have no sense of smell, which seems to be a blessing more often than not.

I’m grateful for mostly good health and a good build to work with. I’m also grateful that I do not have any handicaps or deformities, and for my sight and hearing.

I am not allergic to any foods.
I have crazy good hearing.
I have an iron stomach. I don’t even remember the last time I threw up.
Great balance and reflexes.

And I can make this popping sound with my tounge that is stupid loud. Not useful, but cool. :cool:

Damn, Trunk… I read that as I crap lice twice a day.

Then I look down and here comes a post by Earthworm Jim.

I would think, being a Dung Beetle, having no sense of smell would be a requirement!!! :slight_smile:
I’m grateful that I can swallow pills without needing water.

I’m grateful that I have good reflexes and that I’m not a klutz. :slight_smile:

Careful - A good friend of mine was grateful for not needing water to swallow pills as well. Two esophageal surgeries and ulcer repairs later he’s doing pretty well. Doc told him to always…ALWAYS…ALWAYS! swallow all pills with water!

I’m 36 and my eyes still work just fine (no need for glasses or contacts).

My skeleton and ligaments are extraordinarily resilient. I’ve sustained many forceful blows and falls in which I should have broken or sprained something, but instead got up and walked away like nothing happened.

I have long fingers that help me play musical instruments well.

I rarely get acne because I have dry skin.

I don’t have to wear a bra because my breasts are small.

I wear an 8 and a half shoe, which means I never have a hard time finding shoes in my size.

Although I’m not athletic or in shape, I have the right musculature to be a dynamo. If my calf and thigh muscles were toned enough, I’d make a great sprinter.

I have a hate-hate relationship with my hair, but I have to admit that I like how crazy it is. I can map out four different regions in my hair based on texture. Bush Country is on the crown and back of my head. I have a “wavy” region on my left side. Curlyland is on the right side, with a peninsular on the nape. And on the top is Furryville.

I have beautiful eyebrows, full lips and teeth big enough to prevent a gummy smile but small enough to not be horsey. Leaving aside my hypochondria, I also have the health and constitution of the proverbial horse. My biggest health problems in the future (since I both look exactly like my mom AND have her exact health) are going to be a) Getting pregnant since our eggs seem to harden exponentially faster than other women and b) Benign cysts in the breasts, and eventually uterus. Not a single woman on that side of the family has died earlier than 85…sooo, the odds are looking good, although a bit cystey.

I’ve always bemoaned my lack of height and short, stocky legs but I’ve never had knee problems or back problems while many of my lankier friends have.

Just like Fox Paws, I don’t lose weight easily but I also don’t gain it easily either, even when I eat like crap.

I don’t have any weird sensitivities to foods or allergens.

I’ve got a really great natural hair color and women will stop and ask me where I’ve had it done.

My ears are nicely shaped, not excessively small or large and lie fairly flat against my head. A hairdresser once complimented me on the “springiness” of my ears… :slight_smile:

[ul][li] like Dung Beetle my smelling is lousy, and I agree that in most cases this is a benefit.[/li][li]like bordelond my skeleton and ligaments are extraordinarily resilient. Once I fell some 20/30 feet backwards off a cliff. All that happened was a cut that required one stitch.[/li][li]like Endemic I don’t get motion sickness. I went out on a fishing boat on a bad day. When we got back my son said “Everybody got sick, except Dad and the crew.”[/li][li]like many others I’m not allergic to any foods or medicines. Pine tree pollen however can put me in bed, so our house is surrounded by oaks.[/li]not mentioned so far: Mosquitoes can’t stand me. A study should be made to see what it is about me that scares them away.[/ul]

My favorite characteristics are naturally curly hair (which is sometimes a curse), blue eyes, a perfect nose and cute size 6 feet with just the right size toes.

After watching makeover shows, I’m appreciating my nose more than ever. I’ve always taken it for granted, but I realize what a difference the nose makes on a face.

I also don’t get motion sickness and have never broken a bone.

I don’t have to wear one either, but I’m pissed off about it!

On the plus side, I forgot to mention I have very long strong fingernails.