Body exchange movies-

Five sub-topics:
[1] How many can we name?

Freaky Friday (2003) Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan

**Freaky Friday **(1976) Barbara Harris, Jodie Foster

All of Me (1984) Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin

[2] Was Freaky Friday the first of this type?

[3] Should we include some uni-body change movies, like Big (1988) Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins

[4]What was the first uni-body swap movie? I know Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1921) was pretty early.

[5]What was the first body-swap story? Must be earlier than Twain. (Don’t include disguise stories like The Prince and the Pauper)

Like Father, Like Son - Kirk Cameron, Dudley Moore

Switch (Jimmy Smits)

Umm…Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage…what was that one called…Vice Versa

Does Heaven Can Wait count? Along with the Chris Rock remake?

The Hot Chick, with Rob Schneider.

18 Again!

Dream a Little Dream

There is a sequal, but i haven’t seen it and don’t know if it has the same plot.

Thorne Smith’s Turnabout was turned into a movie in 1940.

Disney had The Shaggy Dog in 1959.

Freaky Friday (1995-TV) – TV movie version with Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffman – not as bad as you might think

shaggy D.A. quasi sequel to shaggy dog in 1976

A search of the IMDB reveals A Florida Enchantment in 1914.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Melies did something in the very early silent days.

Chances Are - Robert Downey Junior, Cybil Shepard

Prelude to a Kiss - Meg Ryan, Alec Baldwin

OK, by “body exchange” are we meaning 1) two people switch bodies, or 2) one person changes sex (non-surgically) or 3) a person turns into something else, or 4) reincarnation, or all of the above? Because A Florida Enchantment would not qualify under meaning 1 which is how I would define a body exchange. Neither would Switch, Heaven Can Wait (nor the original, Waiting for Mr Jordan nor the Chris Rock remake), All of Me nor the Shaggy Dog movies. I haven’t read or seen any version of Conn Yankee in King Arthur’s Court but isn’t that more of a fantasy time-travel story as opposed to a “body swap” or “uni-body swap” (whatever that means; how can a single body be “swapped”?).

Defining our terms, ladies and gentlemen.

Face/Off - John Travolta, Nicolas Cage

I only added Shaggy D.A. because Realitychuck started the trend.

/lame disclaimer

Being John Malkovich

Sigh. I miss MST3K.

Dating the Enemy (Guy Pearce, Claudia Karvan) 1996

Wish Upon a Star (Katherine Heigl) 1996

And a lot more at
Do these count?

The Santa Clause

The Parent Trap - twin switch

Mrs Doubtfire - gender switch

Some Like it Hot - gender switch

The Nutty Professor

Vice Versa.

** Big Momma’s House**

The Harry Potter films, if you count Proffesor McGonagal’s transfigurations, Hermoine’s turning into that cat thing, etc.