Body odor caused by garlic?

Over the last six months I have been eating big salads almost daily with reduced calorie Caesar salad dressing (heavy on the garlic). Concurrently I have also noticed new body odors emanating from myself, especially when I do high intensity exercise. I am 39 years old and have never even had to use deodorant before, but now I might need to start. Am I nuts to think the odor could be caused by my diet as opposed to other things?

You may think you have never had to use deodorant, but I would be interested to see what your friends think.

Actually, from what I understand, the garlic scent you refer to is released through your pores throughout your skin, not just your underarms. So, while it might have some benefit, it wouldn’t cover up the whole problem

Possibly not.

I once read a magazine article that stated that garlic can be eaten as a food in itself, and not just used as a flavouring or seasoning. It suggested grilling the garlic pods until they softened, and spreading them on toast. I decided to try it out.

As a result my whole body was noticably and identifiably garlicky for the best part of a week.

I know that I, for one, exude garlic odor for a day or so after eating a meal with a lot of garlic. Enough so that I have visited my mother a day after eating garlic, and she’ll smell it (so, it’s definitely not on my clothes, breath, etc.). I second the whole comes-out-through-your-pores thing.

You can try stainless steel soap to get rid of the odor. According to Cecil the concept works, and the sell little soap shaped pieces of stainless steel you could rub yourself with.

IIRC, it does come through your breath. Not because of any residue in your mouth, but because the part of the garlic that gives it odor is in your bloodstream and actually coming out via your lungs.

{Homer Simpson}Roasted garlic… Blgrghrghhr…{/Homer Simpson}