Body stop producing melatonin?

I’ve been taking a sleep aid that contains melatonin off and on since I was a teenager. I’ve heard that taking melatonin too frequently, your body stops naturally producing melatonin. Is that true?

The first question I had was “who is saying this?”

I goggled and found it in an acupuncture site.

That makes it easy to answer. Never get medical advice from an acupuncture site.

There is no scientific evidence that melatonin will make the body stop producing it naturally. If the body looks for melatonin and doesn’t find it, the body will produce it as part of the natural feedback mechanisms.

It is true, however, that natural melatonin production falls drastically as people age, one of the reasons why people of retirement age find it more difficult to sleep. You’re probably not old enough to have been taking melatonin for 40 years so that shouldn’t be an issue for you.