Body Temperature

I’m not sure its a problem as such but I seem to have always had an extremely high body temp (external).

Regularly partners have commented on the fact that I have properties akin to a radiator which make it difficult to sustain a naked snuggle.

People are horrified when I feel no discomfort whatseover in going around in shortsleeves when they consider conditions arctic.

As im getting divorced at the moment (not enough sustained snuggles apparently) Ive found renewed joy in flinging it about and every single person I’ve been with has commented. Apparently my skin can often be uncomfortable to touch.

Ive always been this way. I eat like two horses and yet I am very slim.

I figure its some kind of exothermic metabolism thing. But is it normal? Anyone else have the problem , or temperature guidlines to remain within if possible?

(btw : Ive used up my quota of “Hot Stuff” jokes…new ones welcome)

Maybe you should get your thyroid levels checked.

It should be just below your voice box, worry if it isn’t.

Im not sure how you equate an over or under active Thyroid might cause this.Can you elaborate?

It might be useful to know that there is a very strong history of Diabetes on the male side of my family although I have always failed the dipstick check.

My husband is like you. He’s my heater in the winter! I can’t snuggle very long or I get too sweaty. He sweats a lot, but it doesn’t bother him. He does not like the cold at all.

I’m the opposite. My regular body temp is 97.9. Just thought I’d share. The doctors don’t know why, but it’s hereditary. My Mom has the same thing.

I know what you mean! My husband is radiator-like. He had his thyroid check within the past 3 years and it was normal. And his metabolism is envious…the man could eat everything in sight and not gain an ounce. He’d probably lose a few in fact.

I miss the sustained naked snuggles. :frowning:

I do sweat quite a bit too.
It doesnt seem to be linked to exertion though.
Fortunatly its surprisingly odourless.

When I say I eat a lot I mean a hell of a lot. I really could use a bit of extra weight to help bulk up but I simply cant do it. Im worried that if my habits continue this way that I will become either Invisble or that if my metabolism slows down and my eating habits dont change that Ill become that kind of untoned overweight type with a spare tyre.

Bar the thyroid check what should I be looking at?

(Great Grape btw)

Hope your not making him head to bed before you just to warm things up.

The deal with the thyroid is that it regulates the rate of your metabolism. Both the higher temperature and the prodigious eating are consistent with a fast metabolism, and if it’s as extreme as you seem to be saying, then it could be an abnormally or dangerously fast metabolism, which could indicate an abnormal thyroid. Of course, the fact that you’ve always been this way is reassuring (you’re not dead yet, are you?), but it’d still be a good idea to ask about it the next time you’re at the doctor’s. By the way, do you have any hard numbers for us? How many calories a day do you eat, how much do you weigh, and what’s your typical body temperature?

I’m the same way. My ex-wife stayed about a foot away from me when sleeping, being to close to me usually got her sweating. My internal body temp is usually about a degree cooler than the average 98.6.

I’ve been an avid weight lifter since college, and I get lots of cardio work, however I’m usually about 10-20 lbs overweight (my diet could be improved), and I figured the exercise raised my metabolism. I’m also comfortable about 10 degrees cooler than everyone else. This makes for testy relationships around the office!

Sorry for the delay in getting back (have to work, you know).

Anyways, Chronos pretty much covered the thyroid thing. It sounded to me like your symptoms could be due to an overactive thyroid. Since it’s a treatable condition, and since, if untreated, can cause real problems, it pays to check your levels.

Other symptoms include: tremor (shaking), heart palpitations, wide-open staring eyes, loose bowel movements, muscle weakness for things like climbing stairs, or combing your hair. Of course, heat intolerance and weight loss despite a good apetite are also cardinal symptoms.

BTW, thyroid disease is more common in people who have family histories of diabetes.

Uh oh!

Ive just remebered that as a kid my sister had fairly severe Goitor. Thats a thyroid issue right?

As to the numbers I have no idea what I weigh or the number of calories I eat.(never seems important when you can eat what you want and always keep the same body shape).

Methinks its time for that checkup.
Is the medical treatment invasive? will it affect insurance?

Your thyroid hormone levels can be checked through a blood sample. So to the extent that they stick a needle into you, it is invasive. If you already have insurance, it will not affect it, and it will be covered to the same extent as any other doctor visit for diagnostic purposes.

It sounds like you have not seen a doctor in a long time, considering you don’t even know how much you weigh. It’s time for you to set up a relationship with a physician, if you don’t already have one, and see him on a regular basis, the regularity depending upon your age.

If he is going to “warm things up” I want to be part of it! :wink:

Oily skin
Greasy hair
Protruding eyeballs (in extreme cases)

There are probably a bunch of others, but I’m doing this from memory. I don’t doubt that you have some of these other symptoms Damhna. I also have little doubt that you are, in fact, hyperthyroid. The degree of hyperthyroidism is what you need to ascertain. A little extra thyroxin, and you’re the envy of your friends. You can eat whatever you want, and not gain a pound. Too much extra thyroxin and… Have you seen Thinner? Get a blood test and find out if you are hyperthyroid to the point that you will need treatment.

Of course, I am not a doctor. So it might not even be a thyroid problem.