lost my package. What are my options?

Hey guys, this happened quite a while ago, but it’s bothering me so I would like to hear your opinion.

Anyone ordered from before?

I used to be their loyal customer, until the recent experience late last year when I ordered a package and it failed to arrive.

I’m based in East Asia, and because of the faith in them and prior reliable experience, I chose the cheapest option without insurance and detailed tracking (which was a poor choice).

I was alarmed when the package failed to arrive after 30 days, and wrote to them. Their customer service officer kept saying it’s on the way, it could be in customs and was being cleared, and advised me to wait. I wrote often to check status and they kept giving me this answer.

After 90 days, they still gave me the same response. I tried checking with customs and DHL directly, to no avail. Til today, insists it’s still with customs but I’ve already declared it lost on my side.

What are my options? I’m never ordering from them again although it’s not completely their fault…

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I’m sorry I haven’t any useful advice beyond taking your business elsewhere and using shipping options with tracking in future.

Check with your credit card company. You may still have the option to initiate a chargeback on that transaction, since you paid for goods that you never received. Ninety days is pushing the length of the window during which most credit card companies will allow this, though.

Also, the merchants get charged a fee if a customer initiates a chargeback, so it’ll sometimes light a fire under the merchant if you just mention that you’re thinking about this. (i.e., “I hope we can resolve this soon without getting the folks at MasterCard involved”, or words to that effect.)

What did you order? That may be why it’s hung up ( or seized) in Customs.

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I ordered Green Tea pills and Multi-vitamins (Now Adam). It was a recurrent order, which had arrived many times in the past.

I re-ordered the same combi from iherb in the end, and the package arrived safely (2 times in a row already). However, I did use the more expensive shipping option. did NOT lose your package.
They shipped it, per your instructions.
Via a shipping company. After that it’s out of their hands and control.
YOU took the risk of no insurance. YOU are responsible for the loss.

I could have sworn the responsibility was on the seller to insure the package and make sure it gets to you, not the other way around. At least that’s how it works with eBay.

Local laws may vary but as a rule the point at which the risk in goods transfers from the seller to the buyer is a matter of contract ie the risk transfers whenever the parties agreed that it does. So you may be right about the rules on ebay, but if this particular seller says “goods shipped at your risk” and you accept that and buy from them, then the goods are at your risk during shipping.

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There are at least three parties in most online transactions, though.

Most of those expectations disappear with international shipping.

I’ve sold thousands of items through eBay and amazon, and as the seller I always took the hit for any loss. It is a cost of doing business. I’m surprised BB And most retailers wouldn’t hold themselves to similar standards.