I have always heard the term “bogey” used in movies and on television. Usually this is when two planes are fighting in mid-air. But Where did this term come from?? When was it first used?


But how is this related to the modern British usage of the term for concretions of nasal mucous?

Absolutely. That’s what a bogey is all right.

I see. It’s phantom, which is why Chronos spends so much time searching for it. :smiley:

While the cite/site that Exapno provided is usually spot-on, I beg to differ with it on this specific matter.

Dave Wilton is the owner of that site. He’s one of the good guys out there on etymology. One of the best. I don’t know when he wrote that piece, but I don’t think it’s correct.

The current version of the OED, on-line, has nothing that would attribute it to the “1890, Colonel Wellman” cite that Dave provided.

It is cited from 1892. Period.

IMHO, the “Col. Wellman” story is just that…a story. I’m off to look for what I’ve turned up on the term, but attributing it to a specific person just ain’t there yet.