Bogus credit card charges

I got about three telemarketing calls, from India, the callers freely admitted, about a $33 and change charge that I allegedly incurred in September.

It was supposed to have been charged on “my” Optima card (by Amex. Fact is, I have never owned an Optima card, and I discontinued my Amex card maybe 15 years ago.

In the most recent call, the gal offered to close the card if I would simply give her the last four digits of my SS number.

I would not and asked her to close out the card nonetheless.

Is anyone else getting scammed with bogus credit card charges?

You might want to get your credit report right now and check for identity theft.

A tip: under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you are not liable for any fraudulent charges above $50/account. And they are really only supposed to charge you that if you were negligent in reporting your card stolen.

I second that.

This call may have been legitimate - several businesses have outsorted their call centers to India. Check your credit report ASAP.