Bojack Horseman season 5 discussion (with spoilers)

I’m 8 episodes in and enjoying it so far, though they might be dipping into the “artsy editing” well a bit often this season. But it is good to dip back into the lives of Bobo, Diana, Emperor Fingerface, Tangled Fog of Pulsating Yearning In the Shape Of a Woman, and Mr.Chocolatehazelnutspread.
Hilarious blink-and-you miss it sight gag: In episode 5 there is a character folding t-shirts with the text briefly visible. I rewind a few seconds and pause through it to read the shirts–the second one (readable for 8 frames) says STOP PAUSING AND JUST WATCH THE SHOW

Up to the “Free Churro” episode, that was an amazing 20 some minutes of TV.

And great ending.

My God, ‘Free Churro’.

After deeply disliking ‘Rick and Morty’, I wasn’t going to watch ‘Bojack’.

Bojack gets me. I get Bojack.

I finished season 5 yesterday. Not the best season, IMHO (probably not even in the top 3 seasons) but still good. (As I mentioned before, it seems like half the episodes of the season involved jumping backwards and forwards in the timeline or seeing things from a distorted perspective–it seemed to be dipping in that well a little more than ideal.)

Agreed. I finished it last night and it is still very clever, has absolutely superb voice-acting, is innovative at points( the above-mentioned Free Churro ), funny, devastatingly bleak and very, very on point in its social commentary. Grade A TV. But not A+. It is re-treading just a little bit with Bojack and his personal journey. Which may be partly the point, but we’ve seen variation on the “hopeful advance early season then relapse to drug-addled prick with possible minor epiphany by end of season” thing before. I thought this was going to be the season it starts to emerge from that pattern, but apparently not. Maybe next time( if it is renewed ).

Absolutely worth watching though and still one of the finest programs on TV.

Finished binging Bojack last night, and I have to be honest, I was disappointed. While the pieces are still amazing, I thought that the overall story never really gelled. How many times can we watch Bojack stand on the cusp of improvement and fall back? How much worse does he have to act each time? The back injury- pills- addiction- plot was unneeded and trite. We already know that Bojack drinks, takes pills, smokes pot and does coke, why add a newer, more trendy addiction?

The only part that bothered me was that his successful show was canceled due to silly reasons rather than self sabotage as usual.

I binge-watched it over the weekend. Another excellent season! I love this show. And yeah, “Free Churro” was pretty amazing.

Honestly the whole “here we go again with BoJack being a total asshole then maybe redeeming himself” thing didn’t even occur to me, but I think it’s a valid criticism.

There’s another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it thing in the opening montage of the episode 1: on BoJack’s TV, for a few seconds you see a picture of a sax player with the dates 1956-2017. That was a nice little tribute to Ralph Carney, who – in addition to playing with Tom Waits and many others – co-wrote the BoJack Horseman theme song. In subsequent episodes, the image on the TV is (I think) from Philbert.

Just got done with Free Churro, and y’all beat me to the accolades. At first I was thinking, “oh please don’t be a stupid gimmick episode where Bojack talks for 20 minutes,” but then I started really getting choked up about half way through. And I started hating myself for letting Bojack Horseman get me sorta choked up. And then when he got to the Becker analogy, I almost lost it. Just sorta hit close to home.

But then the ending. I think I laughed for 10 minutes.

All around an amazing episode.