Bonds thinks we're idiots.

Sorry to start a whole other thread, but this just frosts my ass.

Here’s Bond’s explanation of why he’s going to be taking some weight off. . .


He might as well walk up to a microphone and say, “anyone who hears this, I think you’re an idiot.”

Good piece in Sports Illustrated this week by Gary Smith about 'roids in baseball.

Also, a nice PG-13 joke by Steve Rushin, and an ‘R-Rated’ picture taken by Barry Zito (check out the center guy’s pants in the picture of the clubhouse meeting). Pick one up at your newsstand today!

And Bonds can’t be telling the truth… why?

Well, he’s aready told a grand jury that he used steroids, and now that MLB is going to start testing, he’d have us believe he’s going to get smaller because he’s focussing on cardio.

That’s not hom denying that he used steroids. That’s basically him denying that they make you bigger.

He never used steroids. He just used some vitamins and creams and injections that his trainer gave him. The subsequent weight gain was because of the magical new workout program his trainer gave him.

Boy Trunks, you’re really drinking the media kool aid now. And if you experience rapid muscle growth from drinking that kool aid, it’s probably not because there was anything in it.

I’m just worried about all the apparel companies that will be going out of business after they adjusted all their hat-making machines to accommodate Bonds’ enormous noggin, and will no longer have a market.

Munch, he’s just decided to pursue a different training regimen centered around being “lean” above his shoulders. Nothing strange about that.

What are the qualifications to enter the Liar’s Hall Of Fame? Do you get in because you’re believable even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary or simply is it the deluded soul that can tell the biggest whopper? Depending, Bonds either doesn’t have a chance or he’s a first rounder.

Uhhh… I know this is the Pit, but as far as I know he’s never said he’s used steriods.

Right, he says he thought it was flaxseed oil - in both “the clear” and “the cream” forms. No explanation as to what he thought flaxseed oil was supposed to do for him.

A liar denies he’s lying.

So you say… Have any proof?

You’re just trying to destroy me, like you’ve tried to destroy all the otha brothas just like me before, and now you’ve succeeded. Are you happy?

**ElvisL1ves ** “You’re just trying to destroy me, like you’ve tried to destroy all the otha brothas just like me before, and now you’ve succeeded. Are you happy?”

Depends. Are you dead yet?

Ecstatic! :wink:
I don’t want to necessarily defend Bonds, but without much evidence and almost all of the accusations coming from people who hated Bonds anyway, I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt until more information is available.

See what I mean? This mess is all your fault. See my teenage son sitting next to me? *You * tell him why you’ve been beating on his dad for as long as he’s been alive. You’re not just attacking me, you’re attacking my family too.

It’s in the grand jury testimony that he took the clear and the cream.

Supposedly, he didn’t KNOW they were steroids. Even if that’S true, he knows it now, and so for him to tell us that he’ll be losing size due to different training methods – not coming off the juice – is ludicrous. Like I said before, he might as well just say, “I think any one who can hear me is an idiot.”

Your quote says he denies knowingly using them. He has admitted using them while thinking they were something else. That strains the bounds of credibilty, but it’s possible, I guess. His mistress has said under oath that he told her he was using them since 2000.

I don’t know if that means anything. I could take steroids and work out 24/7 and still not be able to get around on a major league fastball.

The only thing we really know for sure from Barry’s press conference is that he is the biggest wussy to ever suit up. “You tried so hard to hurt me and now you’ve hurt me. You. You, you and you. Look at my son. Get him in the picture and see how you hurt him too.”

So Bonds denied ever knowingly using steroids. I’m just wondering if he is a liar, or possibly the biggest moron to ever walk the earth.

My reading is that Bonds thinks we’re so stupid that he can convince us that he’s so stupid that even though he takes great care of himself, he’ll use an oil from his trainer and not find out what it is. To say that less obtusely, he’s a liar and a jerk. With a persecution complex to boot.

Except for the guy himself, the people who’ve testified he used may have something to gain, but “hated Bonds” maybe a little strong. I think the physical evidence alone (his increase in power and gaining 18 pounds of muscle between 10/00 and 3/01) is enough to make it pretty clear what he did.

It’s not that he* can’t*. it’s just that he …isn’t.

Frankly I am sick of this asking for ‘proof’ bullshit. I am not a judge or a juror, I am not wearing a powdered wig and this robe I have on right now is a bathrobe. I am entitled to use my common sense to determine the truth about issues in the public domain. I need not produce a picture of Barry posing while some dude sticks a syringe in his ass to infer that he used steroids.

Here we have one of the most finely tuned athletes in the world. Someone who takes legendary care of his body, and he claims that he doesn’t know what he has been putting into it. He has blown up like a Macy’s parade baloon over the years and has more power than any man his age has ever shown. His best friend has been under investigation for providing steroids and we are to believe Barry knew nothing about it.

Please drop the line about showing proof. I am not presenting this to a jury. Based on the available evidence and a bit of common sense I think it is highly likely that Bonds has used steroids for many years. That makes this latest remark about his future fitness routine laughable.