Bone Loss Detecting Cars

Okay, the idea on the surface looks pretty cool

As far as the airbags go, that’s great, since smaller folks tend to get seriously mangled by them (though if you’re wearing your seatbelt, why do airbags need to fire?), but adjusting the tensioning in the seatbelts to avoid bruising? Uh, guys, every car I’ve ever owned, once it got past the 10 year mark (which was usually about the time I could afford to buy it) developed massive electrical problems. Speedos, interior lights and radios flaking out is no big deal, however, when you get into things like the suspension system, ABS, and now, seatbelts, shorting out on you because of an electrical problem, it can get real scary, real quick.

And this aspect of it bothers me as well

So even if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for the car to spend five minutes (since the electrical system’s started to go and the onboard computer has trouble interpreting the data) figuring out how to keep you from getting bruised in a wreck (which statisically is pretty unlikely on any given day), you’ll have to wait it out, because the car won’t let you put it in gear until it’s done. :rolleyes:

Sorry to be a little off-topic and irrelevant. But I’m curious as to how your car developed speedos after the 10-year mark. And, more importantly, did it look good in the speedos.

Otherwise, being a very short person, I’m definitely in favor of not getting killed by airbags, if at all possible.