Boneless "Wings" are not wings

I would like to buy that man a beer and some proper wings.

What about Baby Oil?

Oh yeah, forgot about that. They use it instead of shortening in the Girl Scout Cookies.

I use it to keep babies from squeaking.

It’s a by-product of manufacturing baby powder.

Perhaps, but as a gustatory pleasure, the point of a chicken wing is all that delicious, crispy fatty skin, IMHO, and that’s WHY chicken wings live on, despite the fact that they tend to be more expensive by weight these days than many other parts of the chicken. Last time I checked at my grocery, they were more expensive per pound than even boneless, skinless breasts!

I’m with the OP. It’s a nugget. Or a “chicken tender.” The “boneless wing” nomenclature is just silliness.

There is a variety of boneless “chicken wing” that is basically a nugget sized ball of dark chx meat with a dimpled skin like surface. Chicken balls really.

Chicken thighs are the bomb! I leave skins on and roast them to crispy moist deliciousness

And as chela points out, they can be prepared in a way that works just right.

But, yeah… wings should be wings and tenders, tenders. Each has its place.

Shit, it was still 10 cents when I went to OSU in the 90s! Though that may have been only on Tuesdays by that point.

So…lube? :grimacing:

What’s the deal with “semi-boneless”?! Who’re they trying to fool with that?

I’d rather have boneless wings. Eating meat off the bone has always been awkward and difficult for me, and you get more meat for your buck with a boneless wing anyway.

Too far. :neutral_face:

I have never had a boneless wing with skin. Every one I’ve ever had was just breaded fried chicken pieces with no skin involved. Usually they’re larger than a typical nugget but smaller than a tender, but chock full of disappointment.

Who has? Ain’t no such thing.

I have recently discovered chips made from fried chicken skins. Really bad for you but holy crap are they delicious.

I don’t know that that’s true, at least any where that I would go a second time for wings. We did wings last night for dinner and the kids got “boneless wings” and my wings were about the same size. My favorite wing place sells wings that are 5-6 pieces to the pound and even if you removed the bone I don’t think I’ve ever seen boneless that large.

I bought some BIG ol’ chicken breasts the other day. I thought, “Man, I bet she was popular.”

Maybe some enterprising chicken rancher/biologist will start injecting the wings with massive doses of prednisone while they’re still chicks. Then the wings will be boneless when they take them off the adult birds.

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