Bones 3/11 spoilers

Do we really care of there are spoilers? This show has slipped so much.

Anyhow, this is my question: why did the woman who killed herself have the shrapnel-filled venison meat in her

I DO like the actor who played the sniper. I guess we’ll be seeing more of him. He played Eli David’s bodyguard in an NCIS episode awhile back. He reminds me of Benjamin Netanyahu.

He was also “The Mummy.”

LOL Arnold Vosloo has been in Hollywood for quite a long time.

I’ve seen him around, but now I’m starting to notice him.

IIRC, the sniper was staying in her cabin, so he put the meet in her freezer. After filling said deer with shrapnel with his fancy bullet.

And I really hate these sniper episodes. Give me some goddamned, weird-ass pile of bones and carnage, not some in depth psychoanalysis of the characters feewings.

Heh, I just realized how crazy that last paragraph makes me sound. Oh, well.