Bonjovi objects to Mijovi stealing name

Amazing. Copyright cease and desists always strike me as odd, even at the best of times. At the worst, they’re absurd (as when Ralph Lauren tried to get Polo magazine to stop using the name, claiming that his manly smelly stuff owned it, and ignoring a long history of the game having that name).

In this case Bon Jovi objects to the drink Mijovi stealing his name and slogan. The only thing close to a case I can see is Mijovi’s use of “itsmilife” , which is uncomfortably close to a Bon Jovi song title. But “Mijovi” is different enough that I don’t think he has a case. What’s next, go after Jovians? Jovial people?
And, heck, his real name is Bongiovi anyway. Maybe that’s why he’s so protective of his more famous EZspell moniker.

And don’t forget world famous idiot Spike Lee trying to stop Spike TV from using that name, as though he has dibs on a common five letter word, one that was used by people before him to boot (Spike Jones).

However, in this case I can maybe see the point, because not only is the name similar, but the catch phrase is as well. But its still stupid because its not like people thinking he is involved with the beverage is going to negatively impact his life in any way.

Oh no!

It would be amazing if it were a copyright cease-and-desist, as copyright law doesn’t apply to names or identifying marks. Trademark law does, and the standard for trademark violation is that the name or mark must be confusingly similar. More important, the standard for keeping your trademark is ‘defend it or lose it’: If enough people tread on your rights without being slapped, you will lose your rights to that mark the first time you do make a fuss. Bayer lost the ‘aspirin’ mark that way (and also the ‘heroin’ mark, but I’m guessing the Bayer lawyers don’t lose sleep over letting that one slip through the cracks).

They gave energy drinks…a bad name.

They gave energy drinks… a band name! :smiley:

What does this mean for Milla Jovovich? Maybe she should marry Jon and buy the company…