Bonsai Cats

Are there really Bonsai Cats? I think it must be a sick joke, but I’ve been unable to come up with anything conclusive.
Thank you for your help.

If you are talking about the site I think youare (, its a joke.

Yes, it is merely a joke site.

Once you realize it’s all fake, with photoshopped images and such, it’s actually a pretty funny site.

I don’t see any photoshopping, just unaltered images of cats being shoved into glass containers, which I find kind of funny in and of itself.

For such an obvious joke, the really funny part is just how many people protested what they thought was a real thing. :wink:

Huh? Are you trying to tell me you thought that someone actually shoved a small kitten into a glass jar just to take pictures?

No, but having been around kitties, I know they themselves will crawl into jars, bottles, anything. They’re weird like that…they’ll crawl through the tiniest holes if their heads can fit.

Snopes says “There are plenty of pictures of kittens in jars which can comfortably accommodate them (cats are quite elastic and can fit into very small spaces without discomfort), but there are no photographs of molded kittens on display.”

True, one of ours put her head through a plastic mesh fence only to find her ears were streamlined for forward and not backward motion, I had to (carefully) cut her out :smack:

Uh, yes. Shove a kitten into a glass jar, snap a photo, reward the kitten with some anchovies… big deal.

A kitten making a glass of itself?

Yeah, then they cry! Meow! Meow! Like it’s somehow *your * fault.

Like you’d even need to coax the kitty. Put a glass jar (hell, put anything) in front of a kitty and sit back and watch the fascination. Kitty will walk in, paw the glass, and then rub its cheek against the side. Click!

Oh, well if you mean a cat crawling into the jar yeah, they’ll do that. I was talking about some of the more extreme pictures, where the cat was wedged into a vessel far too small.