Booby Trap

A new Japanese bra unhooks only for true love. This is pretty tame, but due to the sensitive subject matter, I’ll disable the link:

There’s a great video embedded in the story that can also be seen here:
This is the mood ring for the 2000-teens: "The newly developed Japanese bra is connected to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. It’s clasp will only open when in-built sensors in the lingerie sense true love, i.e., when the user’s pulse rate reaches the ‘True Love Rate’."

Oddly, it’s not actually for sale to the public … yet. But you can win a chance to test it out.

This will be interesting when a woman has to get unhitched in a hurry*. Although I suspect anxiety will also make her heart rate rise to “True Love Rate”. And beyond, if she’s in enough of a hurry.

*for any non-amatory reason. Like she’s late for a party, or something.

I dunno. It says: "Don’t worry, the magic bra will not automatically unhook itself when you break a sweat while walking or jogging. The chip has the ability to differentiate between heart beat rise due to exercise and romantic enthusiasm."

So could they program it to distinguish from normal anxiety too?

Yeah, but anxiety is neither exercise nor “romantic enthusiasm”.

And how does a bra distinguish between those cases? That’s a Smart Bra!

Maybe it detects swelling nipples?

But what if you’re out on a jog, and happen to see your true love jogging past?

What happens if the wearer wants to take it off for some nonsexy reason?

I saw this mentioned somewhere else and took a look. They’re pretty vague about the details, but they do show a chart of the things they track, which shows why jogging and regular stress look different to the bra than arousal. It apparently looks for patterns like how quickly the body response (jogging would be a faster increase in heartrate than arousal, for example) and whether the signal is sustained or not (arousal is more likely to stick around than normal nervousness).

What I don’t understand is the problem they’re trying to solve. I mean, who are these girls who keep taking their bras off for guys they don’t like? Maybe this is the fabled promiscuity girl. :slight_smile:

Sounds like the wearer would need to get all hot and bothered somehow just to get undressed at night or to take a shower.

Mammary Mood Mechanism?

Might make for a fun game. “The first guy to get her bra off wins!”

Clearly, there are some love bugs still to be ironed out.

I like the one part in the video where the guys trying to force the bra off and the girl is standing there going, “Uh-uh. Nope. Ain’t gonna happen.”

It’s almost … like there’s some sort of pun in the thread title, but I just can’t figure out what it might be.

The title refers to the thought that, with this product, they’ve caught an albatross.

“I have an app for my bra!”
“I have a hack for that app!” – The Bra Hacker

I see a market for a small transmitter that pops the bras of every woman in the club at once.

“I know I’m in love because my bra fell off.”

Oh, that’s a hilarious mental image! All those faces at once:

cue rippping sound of music stopping

I hope it’s not one of those older saggy albatrosses. I like 'em young and pert.

Yeah, because there’s nothing he can do about the problem then… :dubious:

Great. Ineffective chastity bra, mixed with a bit of slut-shaming.

Okay, noiw thyat I’m away from work, I had a chance to see it. My thoughhts:

1.) During the Puppy Bowl, I can see a plague of these undoing themselves
2.) I can also see a thriller-type movie where the bra must be unhooked by cutting the wires. “Do I cut the RED wire, or the BLACK one?” “Careful!”

Right? Not to mention the talk/guilt/beatings that may occur when one’s boyfriend/spouse can’t get the thing off. “Not tonight, honey, I don’t have an elevated heart rate.”