Boogie Piano! Little Richard as a Kid?

This was sent to me with the following intro:

  • The kid, regardless of whether it is *really *Little Richard - is totally amazing and fun to watch work through that boogie classic “Caledonia”

  • But, really, it’s gotta be Little Richard - doesn’t it? Anyone have any backstory on this? I will look more into when I get some time over the next couple of days…

Holy hell, that’s pretty amazing. I especially like his fist-style. Sure looks and sounds like Little Richard, but I have no idea.

The doper dropzone PM’d me (only access online at the time) to state that it is Sugar Chile Robinson - links were included, which I will paste in when I’m not on a smart phone.

Nope. That film, No Leave, No Love, was from 1946, when Little Richard was about 14. According to IMDB, it wasFrank “Sugar Chile” Robinson.

Damn, I’m good. :smiley:

(Actually, there’s a link to a Wikipedia article on the movie right below the video player.)

Drat! Beaten to the punch!

He’s singing the song as a direct imitation of Louis Jordan’s original.


Sugar Chile deserves a bit more attention :wink:

Besides, at that age, I think Little Richard was still a church singer and faith healer.

Sorry…it’s not Little Richard aka R Penniman. The movie is “No Leave No Love” and the kid playing Caldonia is Frank “Sugar Chile” Robinson. Here is the IMDB link…

And in Georgia.

And you were only beaten by 17 days! :wink: