Book about Conservative Jokes

I was going to say that about the ‘Dictators’ part, but to be fair the right-wing’s love of brutal authoritarianism has only recently become an overt thing.

Bob Dole used to tell a joke that went something like this:

Senator McGovern was giving a speech on the floor of the Senate and said: “Gentlemen, let me tax your memories” , which caused Senator Kennedy to jump up and blurt out “That’s great idea, why haven’t we thought of that before?”.

Trump, like Reagan,tries to be funny. People laugh.

Recent? Carter was trying to impose sanctions on all sorts of brutal regimes and the right wingers tried to stop him every step of the way. The OpEd columnists would actually praise Argentina’s and South Africa’s governments!

Going back to WWII, it was the liberal Roosevelt who prepped the US for war while the conservative isolationists were trying to block him. They saw Roosevelt as a warmonger.

Democrats worry that there may be someone somewhere who isn’t getting the help they need.

Republicans worry that there may be someone somewhere getting help they don’t deserve.

That article was horribly biased and insulting to conservatives. It is highly probable to me that the jokes were written by Collectivists, not conservatives.
Steven Crowder
Owen Benjamin
Nick DiPaolo

Let’s be honest. You don’t think the other side’s comedians are funny.
The other side doesn’t think your comedians are funny.
Few people will even listen to the other side’s comedians because they know it won’t be funny, and will often be filled with insulting comments about the other side.

Libertarians worry that someone somewhere is standing between them and the person they could help, forcibly taking their money and wasting too much of it.

This isn’t funny. It’s not even a joke.

At any given time, the CURRENT Republican candidate is Hitler, and the previous ones were much nicer guys.

Earnest ideologues of all kinds seldom have much of a sense of humor.

And if you define an essential part of a sense of humor as the ability to laugh at yourself, the numbers decline even more drastically.

Rogan isn’t a conservative. He does have some viewpoints that don’t match well with the current liberal focus on identity politics, but he’s not conservative. I haven’t listened to his standup, but I do listen to his podcast if he’s got an interesting guest on, and he’s not particularly funny on that. Decent interviewer though.

He gets off a good one from time to time. My favorite? Talking about the planned meeting with Kim Jong Ill, he said, “And that whole ‘dealing with a madman’ thing? That’s *his *problem.”

Seems to be stolen,

CMC fnord!

I saw Bill Maher before Lewis Black was thus quoted, but nonetheless, the idea may be so obvious (sadly) that more than one comedian came up with it independently.

Rush Limbaugh was actually quite funny in his earlier days. It’s a large part of why his show became popular so quickly. He started losing it somewhere in the mid-90’s. But in his late 80’s-early 90’s heyday, his opening monologues, song parodies and commercial parodies were funnier than your average morning FM DJ material.