Book Antiqua

I have a co-worker who is very adamant on using the font “book Antiqua” (don’t ask why) for quoting projects. The only way he can utilize thjis font is to go back to an old document that was written in Book Antiqua and re-write on it which isn’t best for time management. Now in the list of available fonts on every computer I have ever used MS Word on, I have never seen this style available.

Anyone know where you can go to maybe download additional fonts? I have made it my quest to find out why this particular font pops up sometimes but is never available for me to choose! Plus it will soothe my co-worker in ways unimaginable.

Interesting. A search says that Book Antiqua ships with Word; it’s on my computer.

In any case, here’s a link to it: (Scroll down).

Great thanks!!.. now if I download it… how do I incorporate it into MS Word where it will be a choice of fonts from my pull down menu?

You just add it to your “fonts” folder. It’s in your configuration screen. Once it’s there, it’ll pop up in Word automatically.

Start Button > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts > Click on Open > Select Install Font.

Sorry, click on File, then Open on the Menu Bar, finally select, “Install new font”.

Great job guys. My co-worker is giddy as a school girl. Guess he has a font fetish or something. Thanks again.

I can only imagine someone’s disappointment upon searching for “schoolgirl fetish” and getting this thread. :smiley: