Book justification in Word

The type in books is set justified, flush left and flush right, but the last line of the paragraph doesn’t extend across the page, just ends naturally.

I’d like to set up a style like that in Word 2003 for XP but haven’t figured out a way to do so. Even if you manually highlight the last line of a paragraph and click left justification, the whole paragraph changes. Searching on book doesn’t give me anything.

Am I missing something or is Word?

You have to hit return at the end of the paragraph. If it ends with a real paragraph mark (ENTER), not just a line return (CTRL+ENTER), it should not justify. I just copied and pasted your OP into Word and tried it and it worked like a charm.

I see what happened now. I had cut and pasted a complicated article with a number of sections. In each section, only the last paragraph had a paragraph symbol, while the others, for some inexplicable reason, had line returns. I was trying to justify each whole section. Evidently the line returns screwed it up, even when I didn’t highlight them.

Don’t understand why, but it’s an easy fix. Thanks for the help.