Book on Korean War

If you’ve read or encountered any books on the Korean War in the past 10 years, you might be able to help.

I’m looking for a book on the war, and all I remember is that in the back of the book is a copy of the North Korean Constitution (yes, they have one!)

I browsed thru it many times in the bookstore, but I never bought it–and did not bother to get the author or name.

There are many books out there on this subject (I’ve already looked at, but I’m specifically looking for this one because it has a copy of their Constitution. (You’d be surprised how many rights the people have!)

OK, that’s all the info I have. If you have anything more specific, I’d appreciate it.


That must have been one large book, as the N. Korean Constitution has 171 articles and seven chapters. I can’t help you with the title of the book, but here’s the Library of Congress web page devoted to the document in question. (Would you be surprised how many rights those people don’t have?)