Book recommendations please for a prospective teacher

I am thinking of doing a course to be a teacher of primary school kids- kids from 5 to 11 years old. I have studied before - I have a BA degree in Anthropology. I have a Grad Diploma in Philosophy. I taught English for 3 years in Japan.
I do not really want the textbooks for an Education course - they can be hard to get if you are not currently enrolled. But something like that would be fine.
A little help please.

Hmm, well, can’t help you much for classroom teaching. But for reading about the kind of education and issues I care about, try…

Beyond Ecophobia - the importance of nature to child development and learning. If I had to have all teachers read one thing, it would be this.

Free at Last - radical unschooling’s development at Sudbury school. Sometimes looking at a system’s failure is the best way of understanding it.

Disrupting Class - a business guy’s ideas on school reform (in the US but applicable elsewhere).

Finnish Lessons - how school reform in Finland, with a focus on equality, has succeeded marvelously.

OK, so maybe I do have a tip for classroom teaching too… Kagan Cooperative Learning gives great rationale and strategies for implementing small-group work. Highly recommended for ELL and mixed ability classes.

Hope these help!

I recommend Among Schoolchildren, by Tracy Kidder.