Book Title Game

You know the drill.

Eat your heart out, Flamsterette_X! :smiley:

The Canterbury Tales.

refresh me, dude. Flamsterette…i think i remember her…

Twice-Told Tales

Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Tales from the 1001 Arabian Nights.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Yes, cheating, but I make the rules) :smiley:

Eiger Dreams

Dreams and their meanings.

Is this about the Tale wagging the dog? Or a piece of Tale?

Ilsa_Lund: People taking my ideas and making something new out of them always warms my heart, as long as proper credit is given… which you have done. :slight_smile: Glad to see your game. :slight_smile:

Mr. Babbington: Gee, go away from the boards for two days or so due to busy RL committments… and this is how I get treated. Sheeeeeeesh. :stuck_out_tongue: (only kidding, of course)
Hmm… a simulpost. Don’t know what I’ll do with that… I think I’ll go with Ilsa_Lund’s. Sorry, bojon.

The Dream Life of Balso Snell


This Boy’s Life: A Memoir

Life’s a Banquet

The **Life ** and times of Albert Einstein

What Einstein Didn’t Know

I know why the caged bird sings.

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

The Secret Life of Bees

Bee Season

My Losing Season

A Season in the Sun