Book Titles A-Z

V - The Vanishing Half (Brit Bennett)

W - Watch Us Rise (Renee Watson and Ellen Hagen)

X - Xerox 820-II Personal Computer Operation Manual (by the Xerox company)

Y - The Yam Yankee & Other Veggie Carving Projects (Tom Wolfe)

Z - Zigzag: The Incredible Wartime Exploits of Double Agent Eddie Chapman (Nicholas Booth)

A - Ani’s Light (Tanu Shree Singh)

A - The Age of Acrimony: How Americans Fought to Fix Their Democracy, 1865-1915 (Jon Grinspan)

B - Beyond Thirty (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

C - Climbing Mount Improbable (Richard Dawkins)

D - Double Bass Blues (Andrea J. Loney)

E - Every Body Yoga (Jessamyn Stanley)

F - Freedom Soup (Tami Charles)

G - The Godfather (Mario Puzo)

H - The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood)

I - The Indispensables - The Diverse Soldier-Mariners Who Shaped the Country, Formed the Navy, and Rowed Washington Across the Delaware (Patrick K. O’Donnell)

J - Jill the Reckless (P G Wodehouse)

K - The Key from Spain: Flory Jagoda and Her Music (Debbie Levy)

L - Limits (Larry Niven)

M - Maud Martha (Gwendolyn Brooks)

N- Notes on Grief (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)