Books Concerning Regionalism Theory in IR

Hello fellow dopers,

I am currently starting to work on a Phd regarding International Relations.

I am quite interested in the aspect of regionalism within this field of study.

I found an interesting book called Regions and Powers by Barry Buzan which deals with the world in terms of what is termed “Regional Security Complexes” (RSC’s)

I was wondering if anybody could recommend me a book that fulfills the following 3 criteria:

  1. A book that deals with the world in terms of regions (which includes practially all the world) and regional partnerships

  2. A book that could be considered a classic or very important in international relations theory regarding this topic of regionalism

  3. Lastly, I would like the book to be in-depth and long (if posible), and by long I mean something over 400+ pages in length.

I’ve looked in amazon and have found not much that fit all these criteria, except for Regions and pPowers.

One last detail, I would also accept a series of books that deals with various regions if a single volumen is not available.

If anyone could provide me with some links or ideas about such books, it would be very much appreciated.


Since this involves book recommendations, let’s move it to Cafe Society.

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Books on International Relations? Surely not. Maybe IMHO, if having it in GQ is considered beyond the pale.

(Unfortunately I do not have anything useful to tell the OP.)