Books disappear from ibooks when I disable icloud syncing, Any solution?

I’ve been using the iBooks app on my iPad for a long time now oblivious to the the fact that Apple is going to extort me for that in the end. I open all documents and ebooks using ibooks. Now, I have got a big collection. But apple tells me that my icloud acount is almost full. So, I downloaded everything from icloud and disabled icloud syncing. But as soon as I do that, my books and pdfs disappear. I enable syncing and they come back on my screen. Apple is basically giving me two options:

  1. Enable icloud syncing and we allow you to access the documents which are already on your device
  2. Disable icloud syncing and you lose access to them, though they are already on your device

Without using the word “itunes”, can anyone suggest a solution to this problem?

Update: searched everywhere, no solution. Appears to be a money-bait.

Sucky situation, not really an Apple fan, I do Android, Calibre on my laptop, and synch to Aldiko on my tablet and phone. I tend to prefer nonDRM books, but use Calibre add ons to remove DRM on the stuff I buy and back up onto DVD and thumb drive. Not fond of storing in cloud, for the reason of losing the files.

By money bait , Apple trying to upsell storage space or data access blocking for ransom?

I found this article on what seems to be a similar issue. It may help.

If you want to be sure you’ve got your library safe and secure, it would be prudent to back it up. I recently went through this identical issue with my 66 GB music library. It was painful.

Here’s how you find your data. Open the “Finder” window. Select “Applications” from under “Favorites” on the Left, and then enter “iBooks” in the “Search” box on the top right hand corner. Open the “iBooks” folder from the list of items that displays. Open the “Books” folder and see if your publications are there. If everything looks good, you have a few options.

In the “Books” folder, you should see epubs, and pdfs, and possibly other formats. You can just copy this folder and you will have your library safe. Whenever it disappears, you can reimport it by using “Add to Library” from iBooks.

You can also take your files and look for another application to use for reading. Calibre has been mentioned. Kobo would also work. It looks like Nook would work too. Kindle would work, but you’d have to do some conversion, and it sounds like that would be a chore given the size of your library.

I’m looking for another music player. I feel your pain.

I just discovered this a few weeks ago. It does suck. Even at the functional level, I don’t like to wait for a book to load–that’s why I keep (or kept, now) large files local.