Books written with a sure deal for movie to be made

I read Dave Barry’s Big Trouble. Movie to be made for sure. Enough comedy and action. “All fluff” said another reader.

I also read Len Deighton’s Mamista a year ago. Starts out like a Hollywood script, especially a part just made for Dan Aykroyd, as the US president’s assistant. But then he kills off all the characters.No movie.

Some movies are such obvious movie deals, why bother reading, just wait for the movie.

Breakfast of Champions finally to be a movie. Vonnegut has short cameo.

Your candidates?

Though it was her first novel, and there was no guarantee it would be published let alone made into a film, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was a movie waiting to happen. Special effects (magic), visually exciting sequences (quiditch matches), a lovable, empathic protagonist (Harry), a cast of quirky characters (Hagrid, Dumbledore, Ron) and a fresh, new outlook not seen since Roald Dahl.

Additionally, she’s got six built in sequels. Can you say franchise movie? Happy meal toys? All star cameos?

“The Lost World” by Crichton. I think he wrote the book after getting a contract to, solely for a film adaptation.

Also, when he finished writing “Jurassic Park” and was handing it to his publishers, he thought “I’ve just written the most expensive movie ever.”

While I know next to nothing about Harry Potter except that they seem to be extraordinarily popular and aimed initially at kids but enjoyed by adults to, it seems to be a hit movie series in the making.

How about Airframe? I once considered buying it at an airport.Settled for Time and Newsweek.

I wonder about The Lost World…I’m pretty sure it was writen before the first movie came out, and possibly before it was planned. The sheer fact that both books a quite different from the movies I don’t think they were writen as de facto screenplays. But, I’m no expert and I’m not up for any research, feel free to prove me wrong.

A book series perfect for movies is The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. Its in the works I belive, at least it was acording to Entertainment Weekly about 6 months ago. While some likely are going to scream about the travesty of soiling their favorite book, I think it’ll be a good movie as long as they stay true to the plot, and can make the SFX realistic, but not over bearing.

I think most of the Tom Clancy books have been taylor made movies, and IMHO they are great books as well as movies. The Hunt for Red October is one of my favorite movies of all time.


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