Booster shots and freckles

This morning as I got out of the shower, I checked the outside of my upper right arm. I saw once again the almost perfectly circular spray of freckles about midway up there. It looks like a birthmark, but it’s not. I got this spray when I was about 4, when I got a immunization booster shot there (the one where they prick you with a circular device with about 20 pins/needles on it).

Is this unique to me, or is this a potential side effect of the booster?

Caveat: I’m remembering things from when I was 4 - maybe the spray of freckles came from something else. I do know, however, that I wasn’t born with it.


I think what you are noticing is your smallpox scar. Most people of “a certain age” (ahem) have one. Mine is on my left arm. I remember lining up in the school cafeteria to recieve it. Now, of course, we don’t vaccinate for smallpox anymore. And since that particular vaccine was the only one I remember that used the weird circular device, the scar is now only a telltale sign of age.

I haven’t noticed any extra freckle occurence in conjunction with my children’s vaccines. It does bring to mind the birthmark that formed on my son’s chest simultaneously with his bout of chickenpox. At first we thought is was a pox, then a scar from a pox, then it continued to grow. We were worried at first, because I was under the impression that “normal” birthmarks showed up in the first year (he was 18 months) and thought this might be a danger sign. (Of what, I’m not sure.) It turns out that while birthmarks normally show up in the first 12 months, many continue to appear after that time. Also, my children are all very light skinned and were born without any freckles at all. They all developed them (the redhead in particular) over the years.

Near my hairline I have 3 red dots arranged in a perfect triangle. I’ve had it all my life. I like to see the look on the faces of the people that do my hair and come across it (my bangs hide it). They think it’s fake but I’ve had it all my life. I just tell them it’s the mark of the devil.

But Robinh, it doesn’t feel like a scar. It feels just like the rest of my skin, it’s just has a bunch of freckles.

That being said, I tentatively accept your hypothesis, at least until something else comes along.