Boosting light output of a 60W socket

I installed a new ceiling fan recently, but only realized after the fact that the single 60W light socket it came with is woefully inadequate. Is there any easy way to boost the lumens without adding floor lamps or installing a different ceiling fan? Should I risk a 100W bulb?

Also, longer bulbs don’t fit in the light kit. I think one of those new, strangely shaped halogen bulbs would fit, but it didn’t have more lumens than a regular bulb.

compact flourescent bulb designed to replace a 150-watt incandescent bulb. It’ll draw about 40 watts.

Do not under any circumstances exceed the manufacturer rating of 60 Watts (incandescent).

If the compact fluorescent idea doesn’t work, you have another option.

Contact the fan manufacturer to see if any other light kits are available. Some have 3 or more individual lampholders which will give you more light, safely.