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Something said in [thread=326303]this thread[/thread] caused me to wonder something…

How many people have changed the way they think about something? And was it because of the SDMB or some other conversation? (I’m talking major, about-face, 180 degree type change)

For example, Mrs. Stone was born and raised in the Ukraine. She was taught and believed that homosexuals were degenerates. That they had explored all types of regular sex and had turned to their own gender for their next jolly. They had no morals, no integrity, etc. and would do anything for a physical thrill (BDSM, animals, etc.). (No, I’m not making this up!) As such, she was completely against gay marriage and gay people in general.

Then I showed her facts. Once she knew that many gay people have never had any attraction for the opposit sex, had never had a relationship with the opposit sex, were able to have perfectly normal, lasting relationships with their own sex, and had been like this since birth, her entire viewpoint changed. Now she argues completely for gay rights and doesn’t understand why others won’t accept them as god made them.

to hijack my own OP… it was the most amazing thing. Once faced with the facts, almost within one breath to the next, she went from argueing against gays to arguing for them! She had NO reservations, NO holding on to her old position, NO stubborness, etc. Just one more reason I love her. She’ll fight like a tigeress to defend her ideas, but when faced with contrary facts, she’ll accept it and move on faster than anyone I have ever seen.

So who else has seen that happen, or had it happen to them? I’m not talking about such sudden switches (that was just my example) but times when someone has reversed their position on a topic usually over time.

I was raised in a very judgemental family. Gays were evil. People who had premarital sex were degenerates and if they got pregnant as teenagers, they fully deserved to be thrown out onto the streets. People who got drunk were not only automatically alcoholics, but also simply terrible people. Druggies were the absolute scum of the earth.

Since then, I still never plan on drinking, using drugs, or having premarital sex, but I no longer see people who do as inferior to myself. My best friend got pregnant at fifteen and then again at seventeen.

Almost everyone I know gets drunk sometimes. I still have no sympathy for the idiots who come to 8 AM classes hung over, but I no longer have the “the world would be a better place if you didn’t drink.” mentality anymore and I certainly won’t start spouting off DARE propoganda every time one of my friends mentions drinking.

Being a dancer and a theatre person, I run into a LOT of homosexuals. (I run into a lot of straight male ballet dancers, too. but there are a lot of gay ones.) and i can only think of one I didn’t like. (not because he was gay. because he was annoying and full of himself and wouldn’t heep his damn hands out of my glorious, glorious hair)

Needless to say, I think a bit differently now.

When I was in Jr High and High School, I thought gays were the most perverted things in the world, to be looked down on and made fun of.

I think I merely grew up.

My parents were extremely racist, particularly against blacks. I mean, really mean, as in “There goes the neighborhood” type comments if they saw a black family moving in. Also “They can’t help it”, “They’re ignorant anyway”.

At 14, I believed them. At 17, I argued with them a lot. At 19, when I went to college and met lots of blacks, I realized they were on crack. :slight_smile:

I used to think post-partum depression was fake, now not only do I know it’s not, I can actually understand it. I’ve never had a kid, but I certainly can understand the loss and despair upon having this *being * ripped out of your body.

I used to think back pain was all a big hoax. Then last year I did some thing and felt a nerve *sing * in my back, and when I started crying every time I tried to straighten up, and had to go home I realized how wrong I had been.

I used to support the death penalty. Now I don’t. I don’t know what specifically shanged my mind. There wasn’t any big moment of epiphany that I can recall.

Me, too, but I don’t know if this really counts as a 180, because I wouldn’t say I’m 100% against the death penalty now. It was this board that changed my mind.

I also used to support the death penalty, and now do not. My primary reason is because I lost faith in our system to not put innocent people to death.

I’m pretty sure the SDMB helped me change this belief, although other sources did as well.

Same here, but I changed before I joined these boards. I seem to recall reading Dead Man Walking, and turning a corner on two wheels…

Due to a combination of my upbringing and peer pressure, I used to be fairly homophobic, and very naive regarding economic and national security issues.

I had ‘come around’ on these topics by the time I was in my late 20’s, which was before the SDMB.

Yup; see what you’ve all done to me? My abandonment of (and now contempt for) creationism and homophobia is largely due to this place.

And I’m glad. That’s not a hole I want to crawl back into under any circumstances.