Borax and Boric Acid are not the same, but do they work they same?

Hey Cecil:

I went to buy Borax, but it didn’t contain Boric Acid. Will Borax still do the trick on the roaches or do I need to buy Boric Acid?

Hey Cecil:

I went out to buy Borax to kill my roaches, but it doesn’t contain Boric Acid. Do I need Boric Acid or will Borax still do the trick?

Yes, they work the same, I’ve used both, but Borax is cheaper and easier to find. Do you know that there is an already existing thread on this question? Here it is.

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It may be easier to find in your average supermarket, but at 99¢ Only Stores you can find (for 99 cents, of course) a 12 ounce bottle of pure boric acid powder sold specifically for ants and roaches. It has it’s own “squirt” nozzle-applicator for crevices, etc. It’s important that whatever you use, it be as finely powdered as possible. That way they can’t avoid it as easily. (Borax is at least three bucks.)

Incidentally, this product is also good for eliminating swimmer’s ear–mix it with some rubbing alcohol and wash your ear out twice a day until it’s better.

In the spring, I put a spoonful of peanut butter and a ‘squirt’ of the dollar store boric acid in the corner of a plastic sandwich bag. Squeeze around to mix, snip off an end and apply neat little lines in discrete areas. I haven’t seen the ants since.

Avoid applying it in areas with direct sunlight. The peanut butter kind of melts into an oily smear.

Excellent idea! (Though really, you get the Dollar Store stuff? Big spender, I guess.)

Don’t know what the rules are for reviving an old thread around here, but I have a roach question that feels urgent (as they all do when you’re battling roaches). Basically, I recently moved into a really old building with shabby walls, exposed ceilings, and old floors with huge cracks in them–pretty much the hardest place ever to keep roaches out of–and for a month we were roach free until the past few days.

We’ve had a heat wave so I know that’s part of why they’ve been active, but we’ve still only had a few in our apartment. All of this wouldn’t be a huge cause for concern but I know some neighbors have serious roach problems. Sorry for all of this background, but here’s the question: these boric acid mixtures all include ingredients that are intended to lure roaches in to take the boric acid, but we just want to keep the roaches out and let our neighbors deal with them. What’s the best thing for us to do? Should we just use straight borax or boric acid with nothing else?

I actually registered just so i could comment on this little bit of “neighborly advice”.
Maybe let your neighbors in on your discovery that borax will kill cockroaches and other bugs, unless of course you have a sadistic streak, in which case keep quiet about it and sit back and watch them suffer (evil laugh).
Or maybe you can try this…
Borax 20 Mule Team is pretty cheap, i got a box packaged up an amount in Ziploc bags and gave everyone in my building a bag and included a note on how to use it. Now we all live in a bug free building. Its good to help out your neighbors cause besides it being the right thing to do, if there is ever an emergency and you need someone’s help your neighbors are the closest first responders.
Im just sayin’!

The poster you’re responding to hasn’t been back since that initial posting, 3 1/2 years ago. Either they’ve figured out their roach solution, or the roaches ate them. :eek:

Putting it in peanut butter won’t improve its effectiveness. Boric acid works externally on insects. You want the fine powder which will get on themselves and track back to their family.