Border agents now directed to throw rocks and hide?

This is making the rounds among people I know. It seems too precious to be true, but I’m condemned by my nature to investigate things before blurting out a judgement.

I’m not naive enough to take seriously an article whose lead-in line is “It’s an Obama world”, but I guess what I’m asking is whether this information is true, but out of context, or just cut from whole cloth.

For example, I could see border agents being told “If you’re in uniform and armed and not on duty, you’re not the police, so call the police and act like everyone else.”

Duh, I should have searched on “active searcher course” border patrol. Looks like it’s pretty much what I thought, a primer for reacting to workplace violence, not a strategy for dealing with gun-toting illegals shimmying over the border fence.

Thank you all for your patience in watching me ask a question and answer it myself.