Border Songs

The Tijuana Jail - Kingston Trio

Coming To America by Neil Diamond? Not really about the Mexico/US boarder but about people immigrating to America.

Icky Thump by the White Stripes is about crossing the US/Mexico border. The video even moreso than the lyrics.

I first knew “Border Song” from Aretha Franklin’s version, which was called “Holy Moses” to not confuse her audience. A great, but lyrically unusual song for her.

The first verse of Steely Dan’s “Do It Again” qualifies.

What am I doing hanging round? by Michael Martin Murphey, covered (pretty well) by The Monkees

Just a loudmouth yankee, I went down to Mexico before eventually returning on that train to San Antone

Come a Little Bit Closer by Jay and the Americans in 1964. I haven’t heard this song in years.

Icehouse - Cross the Border

Somewhere I have a cassette with this, but done live with Peter White.

Oh, wait, YouTube has it, tooA tasty live, dual acoustic guitars version with Al and Peter White. Want to watch them? A couple of opportunities

“Border Radio” by the Blasters

Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

Clutch - Open Up the Border

Bruce Cockburn - If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Rage Against The Machine - Without A Face is specifically about the US/Mexico border, although they don’t use the word in the song:

Springsteen’s The Ghost of Tom Joad could have been titled Border Songs.

Sinaloa Cowboys

Across the Border

Highway 29

The Line

Balboa Park

I’m listening to ELO. Across the Border just ended.

Wolf Moon” by Cris Williamson

“On the airwaves in the night she can hear the Wolfman on the radio
And she listens to the rock-‘n’-roll…
She spins the dial now, the music’s burning out of Tijuana, Mexico
She feels her summer dreams returning with the Wolfman on the radio”

Ok, if radio wave border travel counts, then also ZZ Top’s “I Heard It On The X”.

Roads to Moscow by Al Stewart mentions the border, but doesn’t linger there.

Midnight Oil - Back on the borderline for the title (and the clip) but not so much the lyrical content.

“Over the Waterfall” (The version I know is by Michelle Shocked). I assume they mean Niagara, which is on the border…

Willin’ by Little Feat “Smuggled some smokes and folks from Mexico…”

Lido Shuffle by Boz Skaggs features Lido heading for the border, not sure if he made it across though.
“He’ll be makin’ like a bee line, headin’ for the border line, goin’ for broke”

Cowboy Song Thin Lizzy